Phoenix with long dead time

Name: Phoenix Tower class: rare Element: Light Gender: None Attack: fire X Dmg dot Range: 6 Cooldown: 6s Ability: Fall and Rebirth After one powerfull attack, Phoenix sinks to the ground and gains 10 xp when arise. Passive Phase: Faith Range: 1 While arising from the Ash, 3/4/5 enemies affected from Faith: single dot jumps over. Or: Xp carrier. A low 1 range mass attack while initially long dead phase and level depended downscale of phase duration (10-0,?s). Edited

I love this idea! What do you think the rarity should be? I think it would make an amazing rare card. So the damage would stack up to 3 times, right? And while in Ash phase it would deal constant area damage in a small range like 1? I'm not sure if the 10 second phase toggle should be influenced by attack speed, but my feeling right now is that it might become OP if it does scale with attack speed.

Maybe 3 dots. Yes, Phoenix could be a rare card. The phase duration should not be effected by attack speed. The ash aoe has to be a equal attack (xp gain makes no sense?!) Maybe one 9s aoe dot instead of 3(?) single dots.

What about no damage at all in the ash phase? We could reduce the ash duration by level, so at level 99 it is only 1 second long. Gaining XP at rebirth is a really nice mechanism, would make this a pretty amazing secondary carrier to level up or a risky but rewarding primary.

Not sure about affecting the duration of phases. A steady mechanism would also be nice (single dot, which spread on 3/4/5? who enters ash? Its complicated). A level based duration and xp carrier with strong but partiell attack every ~10-0,5s is nice too (a animation every second maybe not).

Owl (uncommon) Element: Light Attack: x dmg dot Range: 6 Gender: Female Ability: Paralysing Cry When under effect of "Faith", dot slows (neutralise Elvis speed).