Potion Card Suggestions

Perhaps this should have gone in my other thread, but it's a completely separate suggestion, so I figured being it's own thread might be good. I don't know if these would be realistic, useful, or simply way OP cards, but they seem, to me at least, like they might be fun ^_^ I doubt all of these could be put in the game at the same time without adding a boatload of other content to balance it, just some humbly-offered thoughts to (potentially) improve a game I love ^_^ Now that I've finally gotten around to making suggestions, I doubt I'll have too many more for some time :D Ghostly Weapons Quality - Yellow Tower permanently ignores 5% creep armor +0.3%/lvl Potion of Leadership (could also be an item, as "Tracer Shot" or something) Quality - Unique, No lvl scaling Upon attack, tower has 100% chance to mark current target as "The Enemy" increasing damage it takes from all other towers by 10%. Effect is refreshed with every attack, and lasts 5 seconds or until a different creep is marked. Additional possible effect - marked target cannot be missed by any mechanic (drunk, solea, etc.) Suggest if this is used, the chance to mark target be reduced to 50%, and duration reduced to 3 seconds. Towers with multi-hit could still miss additional targets, but not marked target. Divine Inspiration Quality - Unique, No lvl scaling. Tower becomes enlightened, and permanently gains +1 range, +10% speed, and +20% exp. Could also include aura range. If the graphic isn't too difficult, the tower could float, be "lit up" similar to the invisible effect, gain a halo, or something, to identify which tower the potion was used on Potion of Teamwork Quality - Unique, no lvl scaling Equipped items reach one tower further, including single-tower items, as well as aura items. Does not include Key of Wisdom or unique items, nor give or contribute to set bonuses of adjacent towers. % of radiated stats reduced to 1/2 actual item stats (example, if you have a rare steak, adjacent towers would get +5% crit and +15% damage +0.5%/lvl, if you had an Irish pub barrel, the towers in the normal 1 range would still get 10% damage, but the towers at 2 range would also get +5% damage, but Helm of Hades or Dungeon Door would have no effect on adjacent towers) Stun Grenade #1 Quality - Blue, No lvl scaling. Permanent +1% chance on attack to stun all creeps in 1 range for 1 second. Stun Grenade #2 Quality - Yellow, No lvl scaling. Permanent +2% chance on attack to stun all creeps within 2 range of target for 2 seconds. Combining stun grenades could be cumulative for % chance, and take range and stun duration of only highest potion used, thus a tower with 5 stun grenade #1 would have a 5% chance to stun all towers in 1 range for 1 second, a tower with 2 #1, and 3 #2 would have 8% chance to stun all within 2 range for 2 seconds, and so on Perhaps dual-stat potions would also be nice for those of us who tend to neglect increasing certain stats on certain towers, simply because other towers can use those stats more effectively The following example is for blues, because whites would probably be best left as-is, and I'm too lazy to write it out further if it's a bad idea, or just pointless, but could also be scaled to yellows, probably pretty easily (I just took the stats of each original card, and halved them to keep overall stat availability equal to what it is now, but they could be further reduced or increased, as well, to account for having 2 stats) In addition to what players can currently receive, one could add the following Potion of Battle Damage increased by 5% +0.04%/lvl Crit damage increased by 10% +0.1%/lvl Crit Chance increased by 0.8% +0.02%/lvl Potion of Ferocity Speed increased by 4% +0.02%/lvl Damage increased by 5% +0.04%/lvl Potion of Enthusiasm Speed increased by 4% +0.02%/lvl Crit Damage increased by 10% +0.1%/lvl Crit Chance increased by 0.8% +0.02%/lvl Could be adapted to Water of Life in much the same way (Quickness of Life for speed+water, Strength of Life for strength+water, Tenacity of Life for crit+water, for example), and assuming all possible combinations of stats were created and the drop rate scaled equal to whatever it is now, this would not reduce or increase the actual availability of any given stat, including item drop-related stats, merely make it easier to increase tower stats by more then one metric, thus not disrupting game mechanics, as far as my math can tell (please correct me if I'm wrong)

Here is what I think: Ghostly weapon- I think dried cactus is a better option. If your thinking like this is an item and not a potion then how would that make armor pen permanent. If its a potion, given thats its a yellow one, I think the figures are a little high. This would totally phase out Knux. Tracer shot- sounds more of an item than a potion. Nice idea though. One thing though, if its refreshed by attacks then there is no need for the duration seeing as the tower would likely focus on it until it dies. Potion of teamwork- should only affect aura effect items seeing as this would definitely go to Mr. Iron since he could incorporate both aura and single-tower items. Too OP. Will make the game mega easy. Stun Grenade (both 1&2)- better off an item than a potion (with a little higher %chance if its an item- maybe 10%). Or make it purple with a fixed %chance (maybe around 15-20%). Imagine PERMASTUN (permanent stun). OP? Dual Stat pots- its a great idea for me. Cant comment on the figures. Maybe a trial could be done (a beta run or something of that sort) to determine the balanced figures for this as to prevent it from spoiling or outclassing single-stat pots.

Thanks for the feedback ^_^ I have no idea how to balance a game, so for the most part, I was guessing on stat rates based on somewhat-similar items/potions, when there were any, beyond that, it was cold-guessing Options to fix; with the grenades, there could either be a cap to stun chance, or reduction of creeps hit to, say, 50%, at random, of the creeps in range Ghostly weapons could certainly be nerfed (it was intended to be a potion, because as you pointed out, there is already an item with that ability), I was just guessing on that, the ability was what I was aiming for, moreso then the particular stat %. It could also have a capped %, alternate armor reduction on hit (one hit with reduced armor, the next without) assuming that's not a terribly difficult modification, or whatever. The reason I put a duration on tracer shot was that creeps go out of range, and just to say the tower with the item/potion no longer has any other creeps in range, the already-hit creep could retain the debuff to the exit, but I thought that, like the unrelenting force, terminating the debuff would probably be a better option, to prevent massive damage on a boss, just to say, when it shouldn't really be getting it anymore because the leader no longer has it in sight, and I'm assuming the towers have a relatively short attention span, and need to constantly be told what to do. ~_^ Another option for that potion would be to force all towers within range to target "The Enemy" Potion of teamwork was really an afterthought.. I thought it was a bit OP, as well, but I figured it might be an OK base for an idea for others to build on... perhaps a clause that that potion cannot be used on mr. iron could fix that issue? I could see it being way OP even if it's just for the aura items if mr. iron got his cyberman hands on it, and just had stacks and stacks of aura items incorporated.. but for any other tower, I can see this being exceptionally useful (perhaps "exceptionally useful" translates to "OP" :P ) Totally thrilled that I'm not the only one who would like/use dual-stat pots ^_^ I find it limiting that I have to choose between stats when I want to buff multiple towers.. I have a short attention span, and frequently forget which stats I've pot-buffed and which are only item-buffed, and I'm far far too lazy to do the math to figure it out :D

Nope Mr. Iron is not OP even aftr consuming many aura items. And with regards to the Dual stat pots, i like it because it means more pots for my carry. I dont give other towers pots. I spill it all on one tower.. haha