Potion: Even a stray has pride

Potion: Even a stray has pride Quality: unique Doubles the base stats if the tower is the only tower on the field. Tower dmg is reduced to 1, if another tower is built. All potions given to the consumer are twice as effective. Creeps give an extra 1 exp. iLv 50

Moved to the new card ideas forum. Regarding the potion: Interesting idea. But to me it seems that it would make the game less interesting, because as soon as you would apply the potion, you are restricted to one single tower only. In terms of gameplay/usability, this would need to be marked as 'destructive' potion like painkiller, it could dramatically alter your game, if applied by accident. Other opinions on this potion?

I like the idea although it needs a serious look into the way it works. As it stands it feels op already essentially making any tower too strong and one could wreck endless with one tower. It also disables balu since he has no towers to cuddle and muli since he cant be fed etc.

Yes, def it negates other cards effects, and it would obviously made other towers worthless, but this is the reason I think it is cool. So u actually can make it with a single tower on the field. Ok, Balu, Muli are out, but it would def be a challenge. And you dont have to drink it, accidents would be devastating, so a accept/cancel option would be a must. Anyway this was just a quick idea, while I tried to 1 tower an endless run... Didnt make it. :D

I wonder how that would work with the wedding rings...

I think the game is already way too focused on buffing a single tower. I think we actually need items that encourage leveling up and buffing towers other than the main carry.

But what for, if u can do a Balu run and lay ur phone down in wave 218? A single tower is still a challenge, many towers made it lame. Balu, Manitou, few herbs, and he is wrecking havoc. I mean, there is no sense in leveling more than 1 tower cuz one tower is enough, when he has got support. But not alone. :) Even though I love the engage ring idea. :))

How is single tower a challenge? It's mostly praying for the right items/potions/towers to appear when you need them and otherwise there isn't much strategy involved. I'd much rather have towers gaining a synergy from one another and gaining something for leveling and killing with anything other than the carry tower. Right now the game leans even more towards 1 carry to rule them all than youtd: 1) No differences between spell/physical carry 2) Level ups, potions, item find are all very potent if concentrated on just 1 tower 3) many supports become obsolete at some point (Ganesha on a high level carry, Witches at ~500 attackspeed, Hexe due to capped -armor becoming meaningless later on,....) - other than Gib and that one's just there because it's op against boss waves.

I agree with you, Nillo. The magic of this game should be to combine towers/items/potions to game the system. But also I think it can't be avoided that at some point a single tower becomes OP. In YouTD there is as well this point when I could sell all supports and still win the game with a highly buffed carry (e.g. icy spirit). I too think, that focus should rather be to introduce new options for tower combinations (like the wedding rings) than focusing on a single tower. The single tower concept is already pretty strong.

Haha okay, you guys got me. :P