[Potion Idea] Legendary Potion

name: Legendary Potion note: It's the stuff of legends! when consuming this potion the tower affected gains an extra 21 max levels if consuming this potion when tower is below level 30 tower also gains 25 levels in experience what i mean with 21 levels is that the tower affected gets to go up to lvl 120(lvl99+21) and still have to lvl up those extra 21 lvls

Ooooh, that's a very sweet idea! I like it. But why gain that much XP when below level 30?

the large amount of XP was more thought of a bonusboost if used in early levels before you can marry so you only have 1 affected tower (early game you could have gotten your hands on some unique/legendary potion but to have both rings and the potion when below 30 would be impossible so the boost only helps early game and then again very late game) or if the second carry you marries with is very low level but i thought if the fixed cap was above 30 or no cap at all i thought it would be too much of a trait, and we already have a wisdom potion so it wasn't meant to replace it either. my original idea was towers below lvl 50 get 25 lvls but i felt it was too powerful or to good to be true so i had to nerf my idea =) bcoz if drinking the potion at lvl 49 and BOOM! you got a lvl74 tower seems a bit unfair with the 10 lvl from wisdom potion, also i have been thinking it could even be 26 maxlevels gained so its cirka 1/4 of a lvl99 tower, instead of one fifth but i dont think it would do so much difference 21 is a good number aswell oooh and it would be cool if the towername text would be displayed in Legendary golden color as if the tower became legendary after drinking the potion

and if it doesn't have some other boost than 21-26 maxlevels it will only be a potion to drink when close to tower level 99, if it has early game boost some might think its more of a use to drink ASAP than to wait for the rings. or we could just change it to be a 5-10% experienceboost if the "25 levels below lvl 30" trait was too crazy, or other ideas? =) i dunno maybe you never even get a chance to get it before lvl 30 so maybe 15 levels if drinking when below tower level 45? or it could be gains 25 levels of experience if "single"(unwed) when drinking

Still love this idea, but the second thing is not really important, i just think it would be so cool to be able to level above the 99 lvl limit! =)

Fantastic idea.