[Potion Idea] Potion of Chance

Small Potion of Chance +4% Luck + 0.02% luck per level Potion of Chance +8% Luck + 0.04% luck per level Great Potion of Chance +16% Luck + 0.08% luck per level Numbers can be adjusted but I think potions like these could make some towers or combo more viable, also could open up ideas for more luck based towers.

If I don't remember wrong, one day Andy was thinking about luck potions... This could be it. Purple potion: Felix Felicis, the liquid luck.. xD Any Potter -fans around...?

ah, maybe theres a post around here somewhere...? I tried searching earlier to see if something like this was already suggested but i didn't see anything.

These values are too high! You could just create an army of Jilly and destroy everything. Absolutely nope to this. But since it's kinda needed I suggest having just one yellow type potion with: +2% luck. +0.02% luck per level.

Regardless of values, we both can agree that it would be nice to see something to this effect added. Would other people also like to see some kind of +luck potion added? I think having some kinda way of increasing luck with help open up more variety to game by allowing you to try different strats with more luckbased towers. I feel like in the current state of the game there are only a few viable strats if you're playing hard 500 wave.

I'm 'approving' this idea for the sole fact it's hard to drop lucky pants. Don't misunderstand me.