[Potion Idea] Potion of Vision

Simple idea to open up a lot of possibilties, a unique potion that adds 1 range. This would basically have no affect on all the things that are already being abused (Shadow/Knus), and will allow many other towers to become mains.

+1 from me, I believe that we need more range adding items and potions.

Compared to helm of hades this is would be a really powerful artifact.

What about that, that Helm of Hades filters the potion in a such way it becomes useless? (If Helm of Hades equipped, potion has no effect. If potion drank, Helm of Hades has no effect, because the potion denies the power of the helm.)

Uh that might work. Although it might not be the intention warlemming had in mind with this card as he wanted to have more range for low range towers. Another option would be to give the potion some kind of significant drawback, maybe.

True. Like crit dmg decrease, since it makes range longer, what makes it hard to see close. Maybe some reduction on crit chance too. As your sight gets poorer on close range, you cant hit the sweet spot so well.

Also, the biggest dmgs are made with crit.

Yeah I'd rather Helm of Hades work with this potion to get to that all important 4 range carry point. I agree that the potion is strong, probably too strong compared to the other unique potions, perhaps add a miss chance of like 10% or something. Miss chance is a much better balancer as lost crit/damage/speed is made up in time and ultimately won't really matter, while miss chance is a permanent loss in dps.

As I see it, this idea comes just to make other towers especially low ranged once more viable. It is not a bad idea indeed but it would probably be abused to make absurd strong carries. I would suggest a nasty move: -The potion effect towers with <4 range. Also cannot be drank if the tower is married. It hasn't to be written, so who doesn't know would be punished. (Sorry, I got that little DkS punishing mind hehe).

+1 for this idea manu! I think it could be written to the card, too. Something like: Only gain +1 range if the total range of the carrier is 3 or less.