Potion Idea: RBV

Just an idea I thought would be fun for a new potion card! Name: RBV (for our underage friends stands for red bull vodka) Slogan:This potion gives you wings Effect: The tower may move to any open spot on the map, but stumbles slightly upon landing causing a 5 second recovery period. I also thought if it were worked into the new transmuting system it could be something like common quality can move one space, uncommon two spaces and so on. However understand doing it like this makes it more like three or four new potion cards.

This idea is just amazing :-D This would allow for some nice tower shuffling strategies! What does everyone else think about this suggestion?

I have often wanted to move towers during a game... Especially after they level up to guard the rear. I would probably use it!

I totally agree in the later waves tower levels can get very lopsided! Especially with the new bonus round I think something like this would really provide a strategic option for sustainability!

it's a nice idea, but I would totally dislike it. What will happen with unique towers like Ganesha? You would move them wherever you want to get the max out of every tower. For instance, you put Ganesha in one spot for a tower to get to a certain level and then do the same to get other towers to a certain level. Meaning that all tower that gain something from levels get buffed. As I said, I think the idea is good but I'm not a fan of it. If you mistake the placement of your tower too bad, next game you'll do better. I'm sorry Snaxx.

I understand what you're saying but I wonder how many towers you would be willing to sacrifice to create an open spot moving a buff tower around.