potion/item to move towers

The idea would be that. You get the item/potion drop. One off use. Then once it is used you can press on a new tile, and the tower is moved there. If theres a tower in the way, it is destoroyed however. Idk. Maybe you didnt want the towers to be moveable. But. Hey. Just an idea. Also. For a card idea. It has a "beserk". Each time it attacks. Itsattack damage Is increased by a small%obviously capping off at a point so that it doesnt get too overpowered. Once theres nothing left too attack it coolsdown. Just another idea. Haha. Just throwing them out there. Loving the game so far. Better than any other td out I say!!

you could add the side effect of berzerker that the potion drinker will drain attack from 3 range towers when he has nothing to attack...