Quest cards

i got some idea's for quest cards idk if their in the game or not and could be "hidden" but not so much since im posting for them lol (so hidden from those who dont go to forums!!) so here we go: Complete the game with only building x towers Complete the game with Every tile built on Complete x levels with out leaking (challenges count!) - several levels of it perhaps. Have Abyss king eat x many creeps Have Knusperhexe eat x many creeps one Tower consumes x amount of potions Have two towers linked with wedding rings for x amount of seconds / levels have x amount of items created by the dark forge have x many wolves in your pack (counts the cloak but need 1 wolf on field) List can go on, just a few though lmk what u guys think

great ideas @syotos! next version we plan to add a lot more hidden/daily quests to the game. probably gonna start a new community challenge with poll in the new year. With the new quest api, it's extremely fast to add new quests to the game, so we can implement a lot ideas from that challenge.

mmmk, happy holidays andy.