Raging Godbeast

Type: None All Splash CD 3s, range 3 Unique, cost 9.999 gold Base dmg 9-99 9,9 crit%, Multicrit 1, + 1 for each Item equipped New World Chaos: Everytime the Godbeast kills an enemy, surrounding towers gain + 0,09% crit% and CritDMG Summon Archfiend: Every 3 minutes there is a 9,9% chance of 3 Archfiends appearing as mobs. Hungry Mist: Invisible Towers have a 0,9% chance to instant kill mobs (+0,9% chance per Godbeast level). (Edit: Raging Godbeast can not become invisible) - Archfiend has a 9,9% chance to drop an item that makes the equipped tower invisible. - Of course I have the Blade of Hades in mind, that I read of somewhere here, together with the already available Helm of Hades and others, I already have a few ideas. :) Thanks in advance for suggestions.

Lovely idea. I see high potential as second carry with this guy :-D :-D Nice suggestion!