Return of the Archlords

Focusing on the fun after level 200!!! Item hunting and summoning the stronger towers from each race! New Items: ============================ Dark Relic Drop rate (after level 200): Mass Challenge: 5% Challenge: 15% Horsemen: 25% Archlord: drops up to 2, 30% Effects: Critical Damage + 20% Relic Drop rate + 5% ============================ Soul of Archlord: Rasimel (Drop by Archlord bosses) NOTE: Archlord bosses are stronger than horsemen. First appearance is at level 201, then it comes back every 100 levels. Drop rate of Soul of Archlord: ~50% Effects: Damage + 70% Attack speed + 25% Critical Damage + 40% Experience gain: + 30% Multi Crit: -1 ============================ Ragnarokia When Dark Forge is equipped with all required materials, there is a 20% chance each round to forge all materials into Ragnarokia. Materials: 2x Dark Relics Sword of Darkness Soul of Archlord: Rasimel Effects Base attack: +78 ~ +122 Base attack speed: + 10% Attack Speed: +3% per level Crit chance: -100% Multi Crit: -1 Special Effect: When equipped to Karvoc, the Edged Angeloid: Each attack has 5% chance to call down a deadly bolt. Deal attack speed-based damage to all creeps within the striking field and sometimes stun them for 0.3s. NOTE: Attack-Speed % is used instead of regular damage %. Critical damage % applies normally. Chance of Stunning: 33% ============================================= Mystic Level Tower - Metropolis Name: Karvoc, the Edged Angeloid Description: Driven by a stream of angelic energy, It can turn its foes to dust in one swing. Cost: 4x Dark Relics and a Purple Tower Base attack at level 99: 1,577-2,840 Base speed: 3.0 Range: 2 Gender: UNKNOWN TYPE: FAL SKILL 1: Mirage Slayer Karvoc strikes relentlessly in light speed that creeps can only see the afterimages. 15% chance to unleash 3 attacks in 1 strike. + 1 attack every 24 levels SKILL 2: Scientific Grace Every 10s Karvoc injects unknown chemical into a Metropolis tower within 1 range (include Karvoc itself). The base attack speed of the affected tower is increased by 30% and it deals maximum damage for 5s, then becomes disabled for 3s. Darkness next!

Oh dear! The game past wave 200 will be significantly changed in the next version of the game. There will be only 200 waves, no more wave master skill. Instead, after completing 200 waves there is a truly endless bonus round with masses of creeps that should crash every defense eventually. Also, in the bonus round there are no more drops! I like the angel/demon theme of your suggestion a lot. Do you think some of those cards would work for the regular game, too?