Ripper rework ideas

Since Vir has appeared to end the bonus round early, the Ripper seems to be useless. As a way around this, I was trying to think of some way to reimagine him to be useful without needing 100k bonus round seconds to stack thirsts. - 5k bonus round time is enough to get him going, but the problem is still with his range. I was thinking of something along the theme of "gang of thieves" or something where many ripper could be more useful than just 1. Making this work without being broken would be hard. I was thinking about something like when the lead Ripper isn't busy, he can assist another ripper in making an attack. Maybe half the normal attack speed and maybe at an average of their two damages or something. This would allow a map covered with Ripper to be reasonably useful, but maybe too much so. Anyone have other ideas or input?

Interesting, thanks for sharing. Another option would be to make the thirsts more powerful, so that he can grow faster. I kind of like the short range... It feels very satisfying when he one-hits stuff and very anxious when not. Hehe.