sadistic one (combo)/cthulhu

combocard "the sadistic one" rarity: rare dmg: realy high range:1 speed:quite low gender:female "she loves to see the despair in the creeps face" skill1:"you will bleed" effect: damage over time +100% damge during 5sec +1% per lvl skill2:"summon tendrills" "the creep should think it gets away" effect:a "tendrils card" is dropped at lvl 20, 50, 99 (one at starting. only once in case several are built) ------------------------------------ combocard "the sadist's tendrills" rarity: common dmg: low range:1 speed:moderate gender:none skill:"you wont escape" effect: chance to telleport the creep in front of "the sadistic one" (random one, if several availible) -basechance: 10% - +0,1% per lvl all tendrills on map get deleted, in case all sadistic ones get deleted