Second Ability for Blood Demon and Acolyte of Greed

To start with, full-disclosure, I don't have the Blood Demon yet. However, having looked it over, it kinda seemed to suffer from the same problem as the Acolyte of Greed: It's totally worthless after being built. I was wondering if we could get second abilities for the based upon their identity. Blood Demon could get: Bloodthirsty - Each kill has a 1% Chance to permanently increase Base Damage by 1. Such an ability would sound unfair, but bare in mind the Blood Demon has a non-scaling Base Damage of 1. Assuming standard odds, that would mean after 10,000 kills, he would still only have 101 Base Damage, far below what most other towers have. On top of that, with such an awful Base Damage, it would be tough to have him kill. For the Acolyte of Greed, I would suggest: Apprentice - Each kill has a 1% (+0.04% per level) Chance to Spawn Treasure Goblin at his location. Such an ability would require careful placement (Given that I normally put my Acolyte near the end, this would be a death sentence to me). Even with careful placement, too much of it could also cause too many Treasure Goblins to handle. Thoughts?

I got the card last year and tried it out a few times. To be honest, I think by the time we built the two towers... we usually have our own carry standing there, and the creeps should be almost impossible for the two towers to kill. Given that Blood Demon only has 1 base damage in the beginning, with all the items I dumped into Mr iron next to him, he only has roughly 10,000 crit damage. Perhaps can change the blood demon's blade to: Demon's possession - Only Blood demon is its true owner. Each kills tower with blood demon's blade has a 1% chance to permanently increase Base Damage by 1 (Max: 100) In this case, perhaps blood demon is able to get into the battle as a second carry tower maybe? But for Acolyte of Greed, I totally agree with your argument about worthless after being built.Perhaps we can add some changes to dungeon door and Acolyte of Greed? like: Acolyte of Greed Frrienndssss!!! - Each tower level of Acolyte of Greed towers on the field can decrease the time of treasure goblin in dungeon door spawn by 0.2 seconds In this case, Acolyte of Greed become useful in reducing the cd to spawn treasure goblin, having 0.2 seconds per level I think is quite reasonable, as one max level tower of Acolyte of Greed only grants 20 seconds cooldown reduction. Which means that you will need at least three of them to reduce by one minute. Though I doubt that someone will purposely go and level up the tower just because of the ability. Dungeon door No!NONONO~~~- Every time a treasure goblin spawn by tower carrying dungeon door is killed, all Acolyte of Greed within item's 1 range will increase by one level In this case, we do not need to worry about leveling up our Acolyte of Greed tower to decrease cd of treasure goblin spawn. Also, I set the effect range as 2 is to prevent people from having an army of Acolyte of Greed just to reduce the cd (though I dun think someone will want to do that) In this case the max amount of tower that can benefit from this ability is only 9

Yeah, I like your second idea a ton (The Acolyte/Dungeon Door relationship), but I absolutely love your idea with the Blade. Might make him worthwhile. Thanks for contributing!

I do think Blood Demon is a little boring for being the only legendary tower, however he does have a unique purpose. His base attack speed is .7 with a range of 3. That makes him the fastest single target firing tower in darkness. That mean's he's well suited for the full withered set as he can create insane damage bonuses and warp bosses back for a very long time. There's better options in other elements, iron man for example. But you do sacrifice some things for including metropolis, whose only benefit is the extra card dust from turning in it's towers and iron man. I suppose money bin could be argued as useful for mid game money rush but it's not needed.

Yupp I agree with your point about blood demon and metropolis. but why would it be sacrifice? sounds kind of weird... I just feel a bit sad for this dude to take away all your health and only make it into a support tower. even so, he only has 1 base damage which means I cant even make him strong enough to help late game other than with support item.

The sacrifice is you get less acolytes of greed if you include other elements besides darkness. Blood demon's sword is incredibly powerful on shadow. Very power gamey. that alone is certainly worth the loss of HP.

Only problem I have with that statement, is that Shadow is really the ONLY Darkness carry that benefits from the tradeoff. Both The Ripper and the Dark Forge are high damage, low hit-rate. So you have to play exactly the way the game tells you to in order to use the Blood Demon. On top of that, even though the item is useful, Blood Demon is not. Gib the Frozen Demon can be used as a support tower that both freezes and teleports, which more than makes up for his slower hit rate. For almost 13000 gold, and basically all of my health, the Blood Demon is ridiculously underwhelming once the Blade has been built. We're just looking for something that is still fun to use after being created.

I disagree. Max speed matters a LOT with the full withered kit. The damage amplification and warp is huge. Iron man is the only thing that beats it. Even then, I'm not certain it truly does. Iron man's base speed is 2.5 which is pretty bad, so he needs a ton of boots and mushrooms to catch up to blood demon, which means less pots for carry. He just gets crazy luck bonus which is good for warps. Blood demon is probably the best boss kill assist in the game with amplification, and that shit matters later on. There's better things for the warps. So I dunno. Blood demon is very powerful. But it's feasible to hit max speed on two shadows too.

Max Speed all caps out at 0.03 seconds though, the Base Speed is irrelevant. All it does it let them get to that point faster. I'd rather a tower that has an extra beneficial effect for free than having to lose all my health and a huge chunk of change and two item slots to accomplish the same thing. I should also mention, as a Ripper user, Bosses are my easiest targets to eliminate, so I usually use Gib with a splash effect to help deal with my weak point (Fast flying enemies). And again, that still leaves the Blood Demon as an extremely boring tower after creation. Sure, the Acolyte also has pretty good stats, but without any effects, it's dull to use, and easily eclipsed by other towers. Blood Demon should be among the strongest, if not the strongest, Darkness towers in the game considering his downsides. But he's not. He's very easily replaceable even within his own deck. I'd just like to see some inspiration to keep using him.