Set idea + legendary Card By Syotos

Edit: All numbers are subject to change, just there for general idea's of the cards, they must be tuned so it is not to strong. Greatness: 3 Set: each attack builds Desire. For every stack of desire there is a 0.25% chance to release the desire giving 1 random tower within 3 range + 15% damage / Attack speed. Desire is not effected by luck. Desire does not fade until proc’d 4 Set Must own the golden card “Greatness”: Removes the penalty of ‘Burden’ , After 180 seconds holding all 4 items they are combined and create “Greatness” (removing the 4 items and creating greatness in its inventory) White Gem- Burden: -20 damage (not %) , -1000% attack speed It is the burden we must carry. Blue Gem- Promise: +5% (+2.5%/lvl) attack speed, +0.0% (+2.5%/lvl) luck Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them. Yellow Gem – Guardian: +25% (+0.5%/lvl) crit chance , +50%(+1.5%/lvl) crit damage I am the guardian of power, not its owner. Purple Gem – Peace: +2 multi crit , + 75% (+0.75%/lvl) damage There is no way to peace, Peace is the way. Legendary Gem – Greatness: +4 Multi Crit, + 5(+0.10/lvl) damage (min/max) Each unit killed Grants a Nearby tower (or itself) a stack of Greatness, when a tower Reaches 50 Stacks it gains 1% damage/crit damage/attack speed per Greatness stack on the map. Removes All Stacks of Greatness from every tower. (mass =0.25 , normal/air = 1 , boss/challenge/horseman=10) Edit:(forgot to put this in) the item Greatness CANNOT be removed from the tower that created it.

i think may be a bit overpower but i liked this idea =) very cool

Yep, the values needs a bit of fine-tuning I guess. Especially the crit boost on Guardian is too strong. But the concept is great, I like it!!

mhm, i was just drawing a general idea, and yeah i suppose i put the stats on guardian way to high for a yellow item. could prolly take it down to 10 and 25 instead with same scaling perhaps?

dont worry syotos i could brainstorm 24/7 with a team of 10 and still never geat a great idea like that! too be true i haven't read all card suggestions coz i just started to be active in this community even though i found this game this summer i think? but i love this game and i plan to buy some whiskey next time i get my salary ;) sometime when i have the energy i like to read through them all and se what ideas are cool and what is not, and some of the card up for vote was awesome but other ppl maybe saw them too strong or had other strategy plans and voted other, and i missed some votes. however i liked yours and i also liked that some of them like the common card almost only had drawbacks so if you already have the greatness card you could still just swipe them common cards like the pumpkin, actually i never got what the pumpkin is for other then swipe^^ peace //

heh thanks mrdrr , i like to create things, but when it comes to balancing for a game im never good at it. I cant wait for my Ripper to be implemented (wing wink andy)