SET item: Darkforge, ring of sun

Hi! I have a idea for trippel ring. My idea is that we will have more use of more Towers. Would like to add a range bonus on the ring of Bright sun.Ring 1ring 2ring 3

Wow, nice item submission! I'm a bit overwhelmed by all those stats :-) I really like the idea to make more than one tower useful on the map. Can you give an example how the tripled ring works? Is it working like other sets?

No not realy. The rings is activatrd a litle like the sugestion weddingrings. But alone they are pretty useles. The only way to get them is by the dark forge or maby dungeondoor On lvl.99. That rises the usability of forge, hard to get and abilitis to 3 towers. The stats are only for show right now. But the idea is that Blood: damage bonus Bright: distance luck find stuff. dark: crit bonus sneak etc.