Card: Shinigami - steals the souls of his victims and infuse them with his weapon. When placed shinigami has a scythe equipped. Upon killing shinigame has a 0.5% chance of finding his robes. Items: Scythe lv 1: common item - 10% dmg : once given ? souls its bond with its master becomes stronger and it evolves Scythe lv 2: uncommon item - 15% DMG + 0.5% per lv, 10% spd : will evolve when given ? amount of souls Scythe lv 3: rare item, set item - 25% DMG + 0.5% per lv, 25% SPD, 15% crit chance : after ? amount of kills and while wearing his robes the shinigami is able to meditate upon his weapon transforming it into its true form Shinigami robes: rare item, set item - 10% XP + 0.5% per lv, 25% SPD + 0.5% per lv Soul scythe (scythe lv 4): Unique item, set item - 50% DMG + 0.5% per lv, 50% SPD, 25% crit chance : gain ? DMG boost from Ber mobs killed, gains SPD from vex mobs killed, gains luck from fall mobs killed True shinigami: item set, 2 items - 100% crit DMG, 1.5% SPD per lv, 1.5% DMG per lv, allows the shinigami to meditate over his weapon if scythe lv 3 is ready.

This is a really crazy idea. I like this a lot!! Really cool concept with the evolving items. What do you think guys? +1 from me!

Definitely like this idea. From what I can understand: Scythe 1 > Scythe 2 > Scythe 3 > Scythe 4 (Soul Scythe) + Shinigami Robes = True Shinigami My problem with this is that the Soul Scythe is better than the combined item due to the luck chance. Also, would the Scythe be removable from the tower? What happens if you replace the tower with something else? Will the Scythe remain? How will this tower work with the Impatience set? (ie, too well :P)

My thought was that the scythe would be removable but could not be able to be equipped on any tower who is not a shinigami. If shinigami is replaced item would be taken out of that units inventory. To help balance it so it won't work as well with impacient set you can take the DMG SPD and luck bonus from the scythe and put It into the set bonus. That is slightly contrary to my initial idea of the scythe but it would help with balancing a lot.

I really like the idea, but I'm not sure if this is good for the game. The tower comes with items, which won't work on other towers if I got that right. Here's the deal: - There are 4-5 items (correct me if I'm wrong) that cannot be used on any other tower, meaning they're of no use if you plan to not use Shinigami, hence less chance to get the items you're looking for to build up your field. - There's a unique item! That means you'll have less chance to get a ring (which is super useful) and other items. What you can say: - But you can transmute them! + Yes, but you didn't get an item any tower can use. You'll have to sacrifice 1,2 or 3 items to get a better one that might be another Shinigami's item, hence a complete waste of items and time. Yeah -1 for me, because the cards added would create annoyance when Shinigami is not used. BUT: +1 for me, if an item shop(or trade, e.g. 2 common + 5000g= 1 common of your choice) is added. For the time being money is unnecessary since Blofeld is not viable anymore, ergo my suggestion on the item shop/trade and its enormous prices.

The tower does come with one item that cannot be used on other towers and there are 5 separate items in total. The reason I say he should come with the scythe and the only way to get the scythe is placing the tower. The robes would only be gotten by a small drop chance when the shinigami kills a mob. The way to get the higher ranks of the scythe would be to get a certain number of kills while the scythe is equipped This would make the unique item only recievable if you get enough kills while weapon is equipped so it would not affect drop rates of any other items. I do like the idea of an item shop and I think he could implement it by reusing the horadric cube and having either a gambling button the gives higher item chance at higher levels or having a GUI shop that could replace its inventory and refresh every wave and offer better items at higher levels