Solara, The Fire Elemental

Card: Solara, The Fire Elemental. I'm thinking this could be a good Blue Rarity card with splash damage. Female. Ability: Fireball. Deals 35% splash damage within X range. Those creeps suffer x burn damage per second, damage is multiplied based on the creeps speed.(faster the creep, higher the damage) So sort of like a dandelion mixed with a poisonous frog.... Maybe too good for blue? I imagine low damage and medium speed. Would definitely be cool art though! She would be really hot. That was a terrible pun...

that's great idea! i think it's good to has damage 7-21 in first level,but has 100% splash damage in one tile. also it's better to have range of 2 and "special ability" to shot on certain tile continously i mean,if you put the tower in 8,you can command it to keep shooting fireball in the tile between 12 & 15 (you know,like the orc catapult in WC3)