Some ideas for light towers

Its an open secret mazebert will once get new element - Light. Here are some of my ideas for new Light towers. They are maybe too church based and hardly balanced (you are welcome Ontrose ;) ). Pope rarity: unique high base damage, but low range and attack speed Activated ability: Crusade (50s cooldown) The pope calls a holy war on the creep spawn. 3 + 1 per 15 levels crusaders will march there from the castle on the path of ground creeps. Every crusader can attack up to 3 creeps dealing pope's damage before being slain. Pope gets 5% damage and crit damage for every creep slain during a crusade. This bonus is doubled if crusade reaches spawn and halved if any creep reaches castle. Inquisitor rarity: rare Cleansing fire: Every time he kills a creep he takes 5s to burn creep's body at stake. During this time he does not attack, but creeps within 1 range of stake take damage over time equal to (40+0.2 per level)% of the dead creep's max life. Missionary rarity: rare does not attack He will never attack anyone, but will share what he has with neighbours. All towers within 1 range get bonuses from his items. Does not work with unique and legendary items. Priest rarity: uncommon Despite the fact creeps are attacking he will permanently bless every creep he attacks (does not stack). Blessed creeps will deal halved damage if they come through. Also when a blessed creep dies in his range its chance to drop items is increased by (10 + 1 per priest's level) %.

Love the bottom three (They're all unique, and sound like they'd be fun to integrate in to the game). I'm not entirely sure about the Unique one however. Perhaps a more veteran member could shed some light on it (Total pun intended).

Hah! Generally i like the ideas, but some feedback about the impact and roles i can see right away ;) Pope: Secondary carry. The way i understand is, he gets for every kill made by his active 5% damage/Critdamage. Reasonable if you consider the cooldown. But about the "doubling" or "halving" effect when they come through, do you mean the total stackcount? It might be overpowered if you time it well. You can if you time it will (lets say between wave 400-500) get 9 times the current stack count if timed well. (lets say you have a 100 stacks then, you can get 900 if timed good). Would you consider making it a fixed amount? I mean they can get 15%/unit he spawns. If we make it 45% if he makes it through it is pretty powerful at start but the potency gets less in endgame ;) But just think about bonus times. The values are probably getting more broken then the shadows right now ^^ if you can increase it by 9 times every few mins ;) Inquisitor: Rare so stackable... What if you have lets say 3 (not as carry) and can time it that they do get the lasthits (for whatever strange reason and genius planner you are xD) They would make it a failsafe game ;) [You can let 2 run as carry which would deal about 80% of the coming creeps life, now add a few withered sets to your suppots and they have to run though it again xD) Well just to make it clear: That above was a joke :-P Wont happen. Normally you have hard carry and probably a secondary weaker carry. The weak carry will not get kills [so its a dead ability here] and if its the main carry you just cant afford to have him stop attacking... I dont think this tower would really be used. Instead, what do you think to skip the point where he stops attacking and lets say, "When the Inquisitor slays a foe in his blessed fury, the victims blood purifies the earth beneath and all the foes, entering the blessed earth, will get robbed of their power" [Fancy way to say, they loose like 5+0,05 [[nearly 10% on level 99] of their CURRENT life] Does not work on Challanges. Each Crusador can only have a single "blessed" tile. I really like the Priest Idea. But with that effect, do you want it possible to stack priests (increasing the dropchance like hell, since the creep can die in the range of multiple priests) or not? Another Questions is, do you want multiple priests on the field? :> Just throwing stuff out here now: Unique one and the Bless is timed to 3 seconds. You would have to decide to use it to save your life [placed close to the end] or to grab the extra loot [close to the start/carry] Or maybe Call him Bishop/Cardinal make him yellow and only loot ability and add a "Priest" with commin status who is the life saver? Guess i already have name, that i destroy new ideas? XD

To answer your concerns, Ontrose: Pope: doubling and halving was meant not as whole bonus, but as bonus from one crusade. Inquisitor: I don't think this one is that weak. His damage from stake scales with creeps life. But if he actually needed a buff, stake time could be shortened or made to scale with attack speed. I don't like your idea that much - burning creeps at stake seems closer to what inquisitors actually did. Priest: blessing is not stackable, not even if multiple priests attack the same creep. When thinking of priest I first got the "life saving" idea, but on its own it seemed a little weak, so i tried to add something else a blessing could do. Another idea I just got now is to make him have a toggleable ability - two abilities on one tower and you can switch which one to use anytime with a short cooldown. Than he could be either blessing (reducing damage dealt by creeps) or cursing the creeps (reducing their armor). As for idea-destroying; nothing is official yet ;). However if you want to have such reputation you will have to try harder - that last comment was not too destructive. Seriously now, I just know you like to comment on balance of new ideas - it was not meant as an insult.

There i am again ;) Well, that way the pope seems fine. Should be a matter of a few tests to balance it along the way I'm still not sold on the Inquisitor XD to be honest. I mean your many carry kills one guy and is out of the match for a while. Even if you have 2, you will deal 80% damage of the last waves life (or of the current wave, depending on the time of the kill). And for his ability to work, he needs to get the kill, needs to get pumped up with potions... I do like the idea of the toggle abilitys =) and if they do not stack their ability, its fine. No more complains on this one =) (Priest) Nah, i dont care about the reputation at all to be honest. But the problem is, that some people just post a general idea without thinking about it. So i sometimes feel... evil to point such things out. I mean you made up your mind, here i just gave a view from a different direction. But in the end i love this game, and since this is moe or less Andy solo here, i thought i try to help with the outlines of the ideas here ;) but some people take it personally. Or at least i got the feeling of it XD *Edit: There was no insult here at all ^^ I mean you wanted feedback in general and invited me personally =) and tahts appreciated. In the end if i post here in the New Card section, its mostly to make people think again of their ideas from a different angle.

I think you maybe missunderstood part of the Inquisitor idea - he makes a stake for EVERY creep he kills, even if it was killed by another stake. Hmm, thinking of idea again it could be hard to balance - he kills first few creeps of round with attacks, than the rest of round just burns. At least he would do worse against bosses, but endless round could make balancing impossible.

Oh, i do get the idea ^^ But the point i see right now is, that he kills the first creep (single target tower), kills the first one and every following guy gets 40% life reduction and then happily walks through. Well, if he can multiple units with a single hit, you cant leak and if you spam it will snowball kill even bosses... Will be a broken mechanic either way. But well, i did think he had to kill them with a hit to proc.