Soul (epic)

Set: Living Armor Name: Soul in a bottle Element: Light Attack: permanent 40 dps dot Range: 6 Name: Armor of a fat Knight Ability: + 50% damage, - 25% attack speed,(+1 Inv Slot?) 2/2 Set Bonus: (Soul and Armor becoming one) Damage: 33% tower dps permanent dot. Cooldown: 6s Range: 3 Stack = tower level. + 1 Inv. Slot




So what‘d be the full set‘s bonus? Also armor of a fat knight is such a great name for an item!

Edit: see top post. Thx.

Even if the rest of this idea isn't chosen. I vote for "Armor of a Fat Knight" I'm not sure what it should do, but it would probably be heavy since it would need to be big to fit a fat knight. Maybe it could give Guardsman a special bonus as well. Do you think that while it is worn, you could reduce HP loss to the main tower? Like 10% +0.1/lvl. And for guardsman, it could give either +1-2 multicrit or +25% crit chance. Or you could go with the original idea of an extra inventory slot and being part of a set.

Dont know a special Item for guardsman is possible.