Suggested Legendary Light tower

I'm bothered after realizing that there's only legendary tower tier for Darkness & Nature. Mikhael (I think I can leave the stats to the dev/s) Army of God- Stats increase depends on how many light towers are built. (Specific stats & numbers/growth depends on devs) This tower is considered a divine. All-reaching light- When every tower tile are occupied by light towers, divine towers (or all light towers?) gain +1 range. ----- Lucifer second ability: Divine- This tower is considered a divine. ----- Some people might consider this OP especially the all light tower range increase, but I want to offer more endgame build. I think its boring to always get Huli/Muli comp for a straight hundred times. Or hitman in my case. I'm not saying it's weak, but its boring to see the same comp in endgame every time. Besides, this tower being legendary means its not easily accessible to newbies. ----- I dunno why I'm still suggesting, I'm not even sure if he approved my new element suggestion or if he's angry at me for suggesting too many stuffs LMAO.