the all seeing eye / cthuluu

"the all seeing eye" rarity: uncommon or rare dmg:low dps range:1 speed:4 gender:none skill: "endless pain" "while the creep looks into the eye, it can see all the pain and torture that will follow" effect: the creep looses the will to fight an demotes itself chance the creep gets downgraded. boss>flyer>normal>masscreep (also effecting all drops and its stats. bounty, exp, hp...) chance to totaly fail. effect: the creep doesnt accept its duty and gets inspired by bravery. low chance the creep gets promoted masscreep>normal>flyer>boss -------------------------------------- tle leveling and scaling could be tricky worried maybe -basic starting stats: 2% to sucseed. 0,5% to fail -lvl 50 +0 luck: 10% to succed. 2,5% to fail. - lvl 99 +0% luck: 20% to sucseed 5% to fail. beeing linear at 1/4 ratio while luckstat+ could effect that ratio exponentialy. beeng 1/1 at +200% or +250% luck... also a max attackspeed maybe, to not crush the game. since i was redirected. general question btw: whats prefered for communication? discord, or forum?

The all seeing eye is basically stonecutter temple. Or does Cthulhu also have a version of this in his lore?

Thanks for sharing. For card ideas I prefer the forum. In Discord this stuff gets easily lost and my brain is really bad at remembering things as I get older and older :-D