The Stacking Wizards

Rarity: Mythical Effect: You can make an upgraded version of the same tower by building the same copied on top of the old one. Which increase base stat and upgrade it Each +1 grant 20 base Atk At +6 grant 50 base Atk At +9 grant 1 more range At +12 grant 1 multi crit At +16 grant "Ultimate Tower" title +100% Speed bonus for each stack Each stack cost 1 copy of the tower, 20% luck, over -100% luck the tower will have the chance to fall and destroy completely with all the item in it Lore: A group of 16 Grant Great wizards who worship the Stacking God " More is good. Many are great. Much is nice"

The range buff could be quite OP. The atk buff is quite tower dependent. Rest is not really interesting. This would be a powered up version of Phoenix though.

Just my ideas come up after a few game with Hitman main for early. This wizard would make those normal card more useful and keep up with the wave getting stronger. Chance to fall keep this wizard balance and gamble in the same time. @Andy please have a look at this