The Triple-E potion - The Alchemist -tower

The Enhanced Eagle Eye -potion. Since we already have the Helm of Hades, the item that increases attrange with 1, we could give it a potion counterpart. The EEE potion would also give 1+ to range, but the downside of more precise attack to longer ranges could be loss of speed. About 25-50% speed loss could be good? Since it could be repairable by Seven-leagues Boots. Or if we are going to make the decision to be hard, speed loss could be around 150+-50%. The Alchemist -tower Potions are maybe the hardest cards to get your hands on in MazebertTD. We have The Dark Forge to manufacture Dark items, so why don't we have a tower that produces potions? The strength of the potions would be connected to the tower level. It could have the same system on producing the potions as The Dark Forge has, or produce a potion like every 120 seconds. Would that be too OP? Dragoneses