Tower Card / Equip Card Suggestion.

Necromancer Tower- its ability is you have a 10% chance to regain you HP (+0.01% chance per lvl) necro Tornado Tower- 20% Chance to uplift the enemy by its wind the temporary nullified the enemy. tornado Equip: Sword of Hades - 10% Additional Damage The Horseman of the Apocalypse. Note* See the suggested image in Mazebert FB page... Thank you!..

Really good ideas! Especially the necromancer has high potential I think. I instantly thought of some kind of blood ritual skill for him that TAKES your life for some decent damage. Would be interesting to balance between life recovery and life steal. Also, +1 for Sword of Hades!

thanks for the compliment andy.. im currently conceptualizing new card ideas.. and some great image for it.. hopefully finish it this week.

Sounds great! I'm excited about the image material :-)