Tower Card Idea

Hi, this is my first post. Started playing this game 1yr ago, as I'm going to suggest a tower card. Name: MetroBank(Metropolis) Unique ATKSPD: 5 BDMG: 1-1 Range: 1 Price: 20K Description: Time is gold. Skill: Capital Interest rate of your current gold every 45 minutes. Lv. 50 +0.01% Lv. 99 +0.03% I will just add another idea to not spam the forum. Name: Fallen Star(Darkness) Rare ATKSPD: 2.5 BDMG: 230-351 Price: 7200 Range: 3 Description: Don't hit me wrong. Skill: Star Blast It will hit constantly at five direction without direct hit to enemy. :) Catapult(Metropolis) Unique ATKSPD: 5 Range: 4 Price: 8500 BDMG: 635- 920 Description: A catapult from medieval age. Skill: Focus(active) Select a target area. Slingshot Creeps in 1 range around the target area recieve 50% splash damage, cannot attack air unit. Idk if these are already shared or suggested.

Just as a heads up, the Money Bin (Metropolis, Rare, Tower) does that as well, which would make the two a little redundant with one another.

I think it will be helpful on Metro strat, as it will give you an interest rate +0.03% of your current gold every 45 minutes. Not every wave like Money Bin do, especially on bonus round.

Fair enough, I think I misunderstood its purpose. Could be fun.


About that catapult I suggested the same. Mortar... Can't hit air units and has advanced mechanics with a support tower

Oh I see, I dont intend to copy yours. but Fallen Star is inspired by zombie eating plant plants vs zombies Catapult is inspired by mafa td and yours is kinda from clash of clans. peace yow.