Tower Card[Nature]

IDK maybe this kind of tower is already shared in this forum Diwata (Philippine mythical name for fairies) Nature A charming fairy residing in Yggdrasil Armor type All Base Damage 1-1 Range 1 Attack Speed 5 (i dont know how you will calculate this LOL) Towers around her range will give up their 50% stats for her(Damage, Attack Speed, Range) thats all

about damage i mean its Base Damage

Sounds like that would be the strongest tower ever made in mazebert! Giving her helm of hades+Demon Blade, putting Mali, Balu, Alot of The Ripper with Abyss near kills aswell, Iron Man, etc and she'd be op! I like the concept tho! Maybe give her 2 range, and only let her steal 5-10% of their dmg around her.

I like the theme of this! Next deck I will work on will be a white / light deck (after all this multiplayer stuff is finally done and released). Would Diwata fit there in? Or is it more of a nature fairy?

Glad you like it guys I'm not good with math or balancing stuff so I will leave it to you With the current setup of 3 elements they have 13 pcs. of cards each deck. I like to stay that way that we have even cards each deck(i know nature has 14 but i considered egg and kiwi as 1 tower) So if Light element is coming in, She'll be fit in there. thanks