[tower idea]

Name: ?(something spiritual-y or shrine-y, maybe stonehenge or obelisk - I'm sure someone will come up with a better name) rarity: unique/legendary range:1 does not attack Comes with an item(like blood deamon) Crystal ball the tower with crystal ball can attack creeps even if they are out of his range, if they are in range of [the tower].

Could be pretty cool. Would have excellent synergy with the Ripper.

Oh god I love this idea!

Well, i will throw my five cent into it, as always... I always liked the series "Stargate" ^^ So here i go: Tower: "Pyramide of Ramses" Race: Metro rest is already stated above ^^ Item: "Orb of Ra" or "Sphere of Ra" (or "Re") "The fiery Orb/sphere of Ra can burn enemys far away, if focussed properly" Ability: Grants the wielder of the orb, to Burn enemys close to the Pyramide (Range will be his own, centered on the Pyramide) Or another way i could go were a science theme. Another Mythical Theme would be around the "Bifrost Bridge" from the norse Mythology as the tower and probably "Gungnir" (Odins Spear) as the substitute for the Orb... But for the themes sake put a token armor penetration on it XD