[Tower Idea] Abyss Walker

Abyss Walker Darkness drop Male Unique tower (purple gem) 20-38 3 range Effects: Embrace the Dark: everytime AW attacks a mass creep there's a 20% chance that it get swallowed by the dark. + 0.2% chance per level. Darkness lord: for every creep swallowed darkness tower receive +2% strength, +4% crit damage and +0.4 crit chance. ~~~~~ Now I know this could be a little bit overpowered but I think it kinda force you to use darkness type towers only if you want to get the bonus. Also you'd have to renounce knus for this big boy. And we all know knus plays a great role in this game. Anyway it's all up to you guys. I really hope you like this idea. ^_^

I don't really like this tower because it has a similar attack to Knux. Also, it relies on mass rounds to get strong - due to the ranomisation of the level stats, it's possible to go heaps and heaps of rounds without mass, therefore rendering the tower useless. I do sort of like the tower skill effect though.

It's in fact based on knus. But if it would could you imagine having knus destroying masses and decreasing armour and AW destroying x-type and giving bonus stats to darkness tower? Well I'm down with that if you want. But I think it would make the game too easy. Anyway if you have any suggestion on how to make it better I'd be glad to hear it.

I'm wondering about this tower but I don't think it should be as OP as you think. I've check about the main Carry of darkness and it's shadow. If you're going to use this tower, you will need to have 2x cactus for the armor pen. Also, Darkness tower has a really low based dammage who make the 2% strenght not an huge matter Then Shadow is mostly going to be your main carry so... It shouldn't be as strong as you think. At my opinion this tower is less interesting as knus. Also 20% without any buff by leveling make this tower won't make it viable at my opinion. At my opinion this tower can't remplace knus, but it's an interesting effect that should work in a different way. I would maybe think to work as the shadow abilities: X % to absorb unit strenght increasing the dammage to this unit by X % and give X% strenght X % crit on your darkness toweer... I think it should make the challenge easier for shadow user / else since the new patch :D. What do u think of it Manu? It would become a new support tower, who doesn't have any substitute

I added the chance increase. Thank you for spotting that. I didn't pretty much get what you said. Can you explain it better with commas too? :P Also I thought of this tower foreseeing he would swallow tons of creeps. In fact it happened to me plenty of times that I could get Knus to eat thousands of creeps. For instance if the abyss walker swallows 1000 creeps ALL the darkness towers will receive +2000% strength, +4000k crit damage and 400 crit chance. Now do you still think this is useless? Also I reached almost 10k creeps with Knus which lead us thinking about how strong darkness towers would get. It also give us the chance to use a pretty powerful Dark Forge with Mr iron as support.

Well I didn't see from this way. But the fact remain the same, if you're planning to use this tower instead of knus. You will have to keep 2 slot for cactus. Building mass tower would also affect the game since tower won't level up and so deal almost nothing. The core build of your toweer: cactus x2 / excalibur + darkness blade This tower would allow 2 hard carry tower and 2 low carry tower (from dark forge & ganesha). I think that this tower would make a new meta game, but I'm not sure about it. We would need to test this tower and see how she's doing :/ She's looking really strong but she may be unbalanced

It's a male! >_> Now, I didn't think about it thoroughly. Since I chose the same attack as Black Widow I know for sure he would do fantastic. Plus if we add the bonus we get an even more stronger tower. I think that 1k creeps in 500 waves in durable and thus darkness towers would get really powerful ~ *was writing of strategy and suddenly stops because OP strategy is OP* I think this tower would really take the whole game to another level since you can use both the Abyss walker and Knux at the same time with good effect even tho small armor reduction. Anyways, a good way to make tower level up is to use keys, (If placed in the right spot you can get mad xp!) So yeah, I don't think that would be a problem. I'm really interested to see and to play with this tower! And I hope other players think the same.

This concept idea is extraordinary IMHO. playing cards interrelated between them can lead to a card set with more strategic capabilities, e.g. playing a match with only a specific type of cards instead of others, like traditional card games (Magic comes to my mind, but honestly I'm not very into this kind of things). I kinda think the game can be developed through that way, and introducing such cards is the first step through it.

Aside from that, one upvote for the AW.

Thank you n0ne for finding this interesting. I'm curios what Andy thinks about it!

this is a nice idea. Would really take the whole game to a new level. But would it not make the game too easy? Coz I'm thinking like Shadow, Knux, Mr.Iron, AW and lots of jillies...haha.. ^_^

Thanks! :) The fact is that if you build AW and Knux you won't reduce much armor and you won't get much buff.