Tower Idea: Ancient Priest

Name: Ancient Priest Attack: ? Damage: 2-15 Range: 2 Cooldown: 2s Element: Light Gender: male Lore: Wololo Wolololo Wololo Ability: Endless Sermon Creeps get a 25% Slow while in Range, because they get really really tired. (Nothing special here, this Ability must be weaker than the slow from Elvis) Holy Conversion 25 Rounds after beeing build (or beeing send to evangelize) the Priest converts a random Tower next to him to the Light. This could be a one time only or it could happen again after some rounds till every near tower is convertet. To take this further the priest could become corruptet by equipping one of Lucifers or the Forges Items and change to Darkness. Gold coins could corrupt him torwards Metro and the Magic Mush could make him a Hippie Nature Priest. I dont know if this would destroy the balance but i always liked the idea of changing the elements.. Just imagine what one could do with Abyssking, Temple and Ygg working together. I know this is really OP but with only one Conversion per Priest it would be really difficult to set it up. Also this one could be more a Rare than a uncommon card...

I really like the lore of this card :-D Not sure if the changing of tower elements will break the game or not.. But it is a super interesting mechanism! What about if we do this as an active ability? You can trigger it after 25 rounds and it turns ALL towers in 1 range of the Priest to the Priest's element?

Yes as active ability it would be better. I think the next season could be a good way to test if this mechanism will be to powerfull.

Oops, had it in the uncommon tower vote and then realized that this is probs more of a rare card!