[Tower Idea] Bird Hunter... Or maybe Hunter and his Dog sound nicer?

Erm… Im still new to this game but is it possible to have a card that specifically target Air unit? Cause so far air unit is the most annoying one (especially those with fast and armor) and they always take the shortest path. Something like: Bird Hunter (because air unit is usually bird…)/ or Maybe any other cooler name for this card...? Effect: Trophy Bird Hunter collects bird head as trophy, causes trauma to his enemy +0.6 damage add and 1 base damage per kill Take cover Bird hunter hides within his ally, conceals himself from his enemy +0.5% crit chance and 1% crit damage per each tower level one range around him What im thinking is to have a card that does not need special care to become second carry. Just for Anti- Air Maybe can have another effect like: When equips longbow, this tower only attacks Air-unit. Hope you guys like my idea and welcome to give any suggestions TQ

Thanks for sharing! I like this idea a lot. This really is something we're missing at the moment.

I dont mind the Idea, would have liked a difference between air/ground units anyway. I think MR hits air too. In classic TDs (wc3) most splash effects only hit ground stuff. But that idea wont work (well, due to the +1base dmg ^^ Lets say on a 500 rounds game, every 10 rounds 5 Units spawn. That would mean 250 units and 250 base dmg increased. I like it more if there would be some targeting restrictions for towers. Dande/Solara/Balu (you get the idea) cant target Air units at all. So you would need one AA tower and a Ground tower OR 2 Towers who can target both types.

I know what you mean. I think we can give some special effect for this tower like when equip longbow it can only attacks Air unit. So even when there is no Air unit, it still can gain base damage from land unit. Maybe some restriction like deal 30% less damage to land unit perhaps?

Im fine with that "Can only attack Air units if a longbow is equipped" but thats a serious drawback. Lets say "When equipped with a longbow, it can only attack air, but is adept at it. Gains: +1 Multicrit and +1 Range). Secondary effect: Each hit on an air unit gives a chance to increase the dmg dealt to air by 5%, while a Longbow is equipped.(Stat resets when no longbow is equipped). So there we go with an reasonable anti air tower. Well, dont know how "hunter and his dog" would be a good name. How are the hunters called, who handle Hawks? Falkner? not sure in english. Maybe give him a 10% chance that his own Bird (Eagle?) kills the air unit...