tower idea- delusional butcher

Delusional Butcher He has choppers and a severe delusion of grandeur. Scary! Dmg: 25-35 Range:3 Attk spd:3.5sec Male Darkness tower Rare Cost: 2300 (Stats can be subjected to rebalancing if warranted) Abilities: 1.Delusional tendency- every blood shed feeds his delusion of grandeur. Adding 1% attack speed and and attack damage for every creep kill or for every attack on a boss creep for a max stack of of 20. The effect is lost after 3 second without killing/attacking. +0.1% for every 3 levels (can be rebalanced if warranted) 2. Personalized choppers- He is not a blacksmith but He likes to make his own choppers. Sacrifice any 4 item for a 30% chance to create one of 4 items (handle, blade, sheat and emblem) neccessary to create his choppers. Sacrificing the 4 key parts would yield CHOPPERS OF DELUSION (70% success rate). **Works like Mr. Iron. But item pieces has no attributes and cannot be equipped by other towers until completed. And each item piece will only drop once until all 4 required pieces are complete which in turn will disable the 2nd ability until it is forged to the final product thereby avoiding stacking too many of the required pcs. CHOPPERS OF DELUSION Choppers of delusional artistry Unique item. +50%dmg (+1% per level) +50 crit dmg +1 multicrit +25% dmg if attacking from behind. -15% crit chance 5% chance that the targetted creep gets delusions and kills the creep behind him. (Will still count as a kill for the butcher) Item ability: SHARED DELUSIONS- if this items is equipped on a tower other than the butcher that towers will share his corrupted delusions gaining the attack speed buff from DELUSIONAL TENDENCIES at the cost of insanity (30% chance to miss). **Above item stats and attributes are subjected to change, ideas or suggestions if warranted. Hope you guys like it..

He is a darkness tower by the way. Thanks