[tower idea] Dionysis, the lord of drinks

Damage, attack speed and range:something average(open for balancing) Element:nature Effect: I have too many ideas, so i leave it up to community and Andy to pick one or two of the following( if this actually gets in game: a) Whenever a nearby tower drinks a potion Dionysus gets the effect of potion too. b) Dionysus shares his drinks with nearby mortals. Whenever he drinks a potion all towers next to him get the effect of the potion too. c) Mead is the drink of the gods. Dionysus gets the effect of the mead, but being the god of wine, he handles alcohol quite well. His chance to miss can never exceed 30%. OR His chance to miss from meads stacks multiplicatively. d) Whenever he drinks a potion he gets 3%increased damage. Here are my ideas, so please tell me what you think. He would most likely be a unique or legendary tower.

Dionysus is not a bad idea ^^ But the first question i state is: Should it be really NATURE and not better for Metro? I mean i can kind of agree with manitou as a Nature god/spirit but i disagree with this one as a Nature Card ^^' (My opinion ^^ feel free to state yours) I think A and B are not taht good ideas. But its a bit dependant on the Card rarity (white?blue?yellow?purple?orange?). Because on a: He will be the strongest tower, if he is in range of 2 Married towers (One potion used and he will get the effect from EACH of the married tower. So he gains double effect and the married tower the normal effect) And on b: If the rarity allows to place 2 of this tower you can have multiple towers which gains incredible amounts Bonus stats from gettin double potions. If the rarety is purple/orange its still extremely powerful because at least in theory you could have 10! towers with full potion effects. (If the "aura" range is one. we would have a 3x3 Sqaure = 9 Fields + 1 from Marriage [question: would the married one, while in aura range get DOUBLE potion effects? Once from marriage and once from his aura?]). I know... there is not a single 3x3 field available on the maps. Still beeing able to buff 6 Towers is way TOO overpowered. as for C: Well i dont mind that Idea. But remember to keep the Mead counter alive on the hero, so if you replace him the following tower keeps the miss chance from hsi drunken meads As for D: Well if a Sword can get 1%dmg / kill why not giving 3% for each drunken potion? On that topic: Maybe make a bigger difference between 2 white potions and 1 blue [and 2 blue to 1 yellow potion]) Now a little counter Idea: Let it be making potions like the Dark Forge. With a decent counter effect... like: "The Wine of Dionysis, gives incredible strength... after you sober up!" Giving +25%dmg 0.5% Crit and 20% crit dmg but the tower which drank it cant attack for 3 Seconds cos it is sleeping... The question is how to trigger it: Like the Dark Forge with every round? Like Holgar for each Kill? Or for every potion drunk around him? For the first 2 kinds, there are Triggers etc already done for the third you would have to make a new one. ^^ There are my five cents =)

A and B are indeed very powerful, but I don't think they are overpowered. With those two options I wanted to make an alternative to the single carry meta. With A, if he is in range of two married towers he just gets double bonus of all potions. If my math is correct that would make him deal approximatley 8 times the damage of one of the married towers. That is really nothing if you compare it with some other towers' bonuses (namely shadow). B would would make you able to have 6 carrys. That is maybe really too much and would need some other drawback. Maybe divide the potions' effect between towers(if there are 4 each gets 1/4). As for rarity I stated in the first post he would be legendary(=orange). If you could make multiple of those this could really be overpowered. He could also be metro, but I think nature would suit him better. Metro is more of a modern city theme and has nothing to do with greek gods. Juts my opinion. I also like your idea of him making potions.

For A i still think it can be overpowered. Bit dependant how the possible "double potion" through marriage bond will be worked with. If he gets double potion + 2 married towers single potion effect it is too strong. For B: Yes i thought along the same lines the last days. Dio gets full potion and the towers around it get 1/N potion effects. So if there are 5 potions they get one fifth of the potion effect, which might be useful for a strong carry faction around the tower. Metropolis just stands for a big city. Doent nessecary means technology. And gods are a man-made thing. But well, i can understand your opinion and im fine with both ^^ [Though, to be honest XD i wanted to suggest a "Deity" Deck later on or probably i already have...)