[Tower Idea] Dragon

Unique Tower – Nature or Darkness Name: Zmey Gorynych Description: And when each of the three heads spits fire, the doomed screams in pain, ignited, burning to ash... Cost: ? gold (expensive) Base attack: 1 damage (or low) Base speed: Slow attack speed Range: 1 or 2 tiles Gender: Female? EFFECT 1: Ignite Zmey spits fire at its enmies, one head per enemy to a maximum of three targets at once. The target then is Ignited (debuffed) to receive more damage from surrounding towers until the Ignite wears off (x amount of time). The Ignite debuff can be applied to the same targets, stacking to x increased damage. Notes - I see this tower being placed earlier in the maze so it applies the debuff to creeps entering the maze. - Alternatively, in the center of the maze to keep the debuff going. - You would obviously equip attack speed items on it. - It would need to be expensive enough to cause players to save to buy it. - It can't be stronger than Knux, but it should be equal or near it (otherwise why would you buy it?) Thoughts? :)

Nevermind, this is already in the game lol, as Solara

But solara isnt so useful, or atleast I havent figured her out yet