[Tower Idea] Gates of Hell

I thought up of Gates of Hell because we really need a rare darkness tower. Gates of Hell Quality: Rare Cost: TBD(means To Be Determined - I'll leave this for Andy to balance) Damage: TBD, though its min and max base damage will be equal, due to reasons explained below Gender: None Type: Darkness Attack Speed: 1s Range: 2 Visuals: Looks like an entrance into a cave. And that cave has a red glow coming out of it. Because it's hell. Special Effect 1: Heat of Hell Gates of Hell does not actually attack, but instead does damage per second to ALL enemies in range. This damage is calculated by taking its Average Damage(which takes into account base damage, damage add, crit chance, crit damage and multicrits) and then dividing by its attack speed in seconds, that's why it has 1 second attack speed! If it is enhanced to 0.5s, for example, then it does 1 divided by 0.5 = 2 times more damage per second! Only makes sense. Special Effect 2: Demonic Power Gates of Hell applies any on-hit effects it has to all enemies in range at an interval equal to its attack speed. Pretty simple I think. Any on-hit effects from items(for example, frozen set's slow, MS Reaver, Withered set, Painting of Solea, Unrelenting Force, etc.) are applied to all enemies in range(if targeted at enemies) every second, which then can be reduced by attack speed items to lower time intervals. Withered set would amp all enemies in range(and have a chance to send some enemies back in time), Frozen set would slow them all, MS Reaver would make that AoE damage to all enemies in range(potentially stacking it massively if there are many enemies in range, killing the stack), Painting of Solea would give a 20% chance of disabling damage for the interval, Unrelenting Force would give +1% damage if there is an enemy being damaged at the time of it checking. I definitely intended it to be a carry tower. EDIT: Damn it, just noticed that there'll already be a new Rare Darkness Carry type tower. Oh well. One more can't hurt?

Whats the new one

The Ripper. it's on the latest post on the game blog.

Is it in yet?

I personally like the idea of an DMG aura. Aura with a range of 2. Depending on its Start-DMG/DMG-Gain it might be too big so it would be too powerful compared to the avarage carry tower. About the effect iteself: I'm not quite sure counting the Aura as an "AOE" Attack is an good idea. The drawback could be, that it DOES NOT hit. Maybe lower its dmg and give it a 0.5 or 0.25 attack speed. So it cant proc items at all. I mean with MR it would be a bit too strong i think. MR got what, an AOE of 2 itself? So it could attack in an Range of 4 (Since its an Aura, it would not lose Range by MR). I think the way you planned it, it would be the ultimate support tower (Besides Iron Man) since it literally can Debuff half the map at once and one of the best Carrys instantly since it dmgs half the map. With the Item drawback (no Set-Effects) it will at least lose the Nr.1 Support spot. I mean why Elvis if you can Freeze them, with another one Amp them and send them back in time. Just think about 4-5 with the Withered set since its an huge area? Like i said: I really like the general idea, but i think just by balancing it needs quite some more work ^^ For an animation probably some kind of extending fire ring? (Like the Tack shooter upgrade on Bloons xD just a ring not fireballs) Btw.: Hopefully there comes an Demonic/Angelic(or Divine or whatever in that general area) Deck. If you think it further, there might be the possiblity to summon the devil, special requisite, it has to replace the Gate XD while the gate has to be on the field for 50 Waves or more XD surrounded by at least 3 Acolytes of Greed :-P performing the ritual xD so the acolytes wont spawn goblins if placed next to the gate. And mind: The acolytes have to be placed AFTER the gate is there! Just my imagination running wild here ^^'

Well, the damage is to be adjusted, as I said. it's a matter of balancing. As for its AoE DoT, the 1s attack speed only really matters in its calculation of damage and its 2nd special effect. The damage would be applied just like Solara's or Poisonous Frog's on-hit damage effects - gradually dealing damage. That's the definition of a DoT(Damage over Time). That is what I meant, if it wasn't clear before. As for the MR issue, the MR on-hit is 25% damage in 3 range. However, my 1st special effect did say "does damage per second to ALL enemies in range." IN RANGE. Meaning that if range is reduced, the aura is too. Of course, this can be countered by a Helm of Hades, but that means it's 2 item slots used for a 2-range Gates of Hell with a MR. Besides, MR is an on-hit effect, so it only really do damage once per attack speed(which is 1s before reduction). Surely, this is really powerful still, but it only really increases the power of a thing that is its expertise - clearing many minions at once. If balancing it totally needed though, one could reduce attack speed to 2 seconds and double the base damage and its scaling. That way, damage aura doesn't really change - it does the exact same damage, since it is divided by attack speed. However, on-hit effects only really proc once every 2s(before attack speed buffs)! Though I'd not like that, maybe as a last resort to balance this. Tackling the supportive side, I doubt freezing set would do much. it's only a 10% slow. Elvis is 50%, even though it is limited in time, there are spots where it can be used twice. As for withered sets, first thing, only one tower in the game can have the power of sending creeps back in time with the withered set, because Mummy Bandages are a unique item! And even then it's not really much. It's a 2% chance, and you can't stack luck items like on Mr. Iron. Same for attack speed items. And, well, if you spend a lot of speed potions on a supportive Gates of Hell, the carry would simply lack those potions. Even if you get 4+ Gates of Hell to just amp damage, it wouldn't be as effective as one stacked Mr. Iron - They'd simply NOT hAVE THE ATTACK SPEED TO BE EFFECTIVE! That's my view on the issues you posted. Any other questions?

#1 Sometimes you talk about an Aura. right now there is NO towermechanic out there to play around with AURA RANGE via items. #2 Then you talk about hitting and DOT effects. What is it now? Aura? Multishot on everybody in range or just AOE attack lika Dandelion/Balu? #3 Witheredsetbonus 2: Sending back creeps in time. Setbonus 3: Dmg Amplifyer if im not totally wrong here. (And if you go for a single AOE attack, MR is fine. Multihti on everybody in range and MR gets too powerful since you might have 2 procs on the same units on mass waves) #4 So the way i understood it now your tower should be: Dmg in an area like an aura. But triggering Attack Procs in a certain timing (Base speed) and Speed gets in via a DOT effect? While the Aura Range is adjustable through items (Hades, MR). #5 The way you discribed it earlier i had the impression even though using the word "aura" that you basicall suggested a multihit tower, which unlimited targets.

#1 - i doubt it's hard for andy to make range a variable instead of a constant. #2 - There is no real "hit" where a projectile flies, hits an enemy and does damage, so yes, it would be classified as a DoT aura. #3 - You're right, sorry, it is sending back in time at 2 items and amp at 3.Does not change much though, tbh. 2% is a minimal chance. However, yes, MR would apply to every minion in range, would might seem a little too powerful, yes, but it only amplifies its strength - ability to clear many minions at once. it still would have a weakness to single strong targets such as bosses, non-mass challenges and horsemen. #4 - correct.

#1 Well it will be quite some work i guess. Nothin he cant do but well... #2 Since its an Aura there shouldnt be an hit at all. At least not the way i classify an "Aura" #3 Well, lets be honest. After a certain amoung of level you just SPAM waves as much as you can. You get a slow mass wave and then a Challange. The challange will be faster and in the mid of the mass wave when they arrive in tower range. The tower hits 20 units for 100dmg. And then cleaves each unit again via MR for 20*100*1/4 = 500 dmg if im not wrong. So the normal hit deals 100 dmg and the MR might add much more even to challange rounds if you skip it again and again. I think personally, that you should decide what you want. An Aura or a Multi Hit. It's up to Andy of course. But hopefully feedback is welcome to you ^^

Its a nice idea, but i really think it should not apply on-attack effects (reaver), because that would be impossible to balance. It would deal more damage with number of enemies in range squared! On-hit effects(amp, slow,...) would be powerful on such tower, but I think they would not be overpowered.

Okay, lets say you play golden ground, you place a GIB, a Carry and rest the gates of hell. Then add some speed pots and equip friggn Time Warp set on it. Voila, you got 10 towers which will probably warp all enemys in range... and are extremely slowed. If you want you can even skip gib... and go with 2 frozen set items and the time warp set... Such an aoe and on hit are too powerful. Especially if the base attack rate is 1 second. A yellow boot will instantly get the AS to 0,5 seconds. 2 will get it to 0.3 or less... Or buff a bunch up with Iron man, get levels before through wolves...