[Tower Idea] Meow Mix

Hi ^^ Recently got back into YouTD and stumbled upon a few posts promoting MazebertTD. Followed the links, downloaded the game for Windows and have spent the last few days playing. I'm only level 22, but I've noticed a lack of slows/snares via towers. So this is my tower idea... and keeping with the randomosity theme... ========================= Starting Tower – Metropolis (or Nature, whichever fits better) Name: Meow Mix Description: This kitten is constantly underfoot with her adorably playful nature! Cost: 70 gold Base attack at level 1: Very Weak Base speed: Very Slow Range: Large (3+) Gender: Female SKILL 1: Entangle Meow Mix darts out from under nearby furniture, tripping all units in range for 0.8s. SKILL 2: Affection After entangling a unit, there is a 2% chance to cause the unit to coo and pet Meow Mix for 1s. ========================= Hope you like it! :) Probably needs some sort of balancing, but the that's the general idea of the tower. Also, name subject to change, of course. - jhoijhoi

Hehe, I like it ;-) Great tower stats and ability description btw. Did you do towers on YouTD too?

Woo, glad you like the idea! :D I haven't yet, but am reading the huge manual to get an idea of the effort involved ^^ I really enjoy YouTD, but after playing your game I find YouTD to be very unwieldy and inaccessible in comparison. I have a few other ideas for more MazebertTD towers/items and will post later.