[Tower idea] Pub of alchemy

This idea just came to me while i was playing and noticed my unused golds which was over 10M (besides the 25M i used for the Horadic cube). Pub of Alchemy Description: If you got the golds, we got the pots. Wanna know what those pots are made of? Step inside the doors of alchemy. Gender:n/a Dmg:8-12 Range:1 Attk spd:3.5 Armor type:you decide Element: you decide Card tier: unique ***stats can be subjected to balancing if warranted. Tower abilities: 1st ability: Gathering ingredients- If a creep stays for 7secs within its range, it is captured and imprisoned to be utilized as the key ingredients for creating potions. Thats what makes 'em potions so potent. Imprisons upto 15creeps max. ***duration and creep stack can be adjusted if warranted. 2nd ability: Lets get cookin'- with 500,000 gold and 15 creeps, it cooks up a random yellow potion. Bottoms up! ***gold cost can be readjusted if warranted. ***what i was thinking when i came up with this idea: 1.it could open up possibilities for other tower synergies and combo. Perhaps like pairing witmh Beavers or Elvis to name a few. 2.at first i thought of like a chance effect to capture creeps (like the jillies) but quickly decided it could turn up pretty much an all jilly or all pub or mixed pub and jilly scenario. Haha. 3.it is one way of utilizing the excess gold. 4.it could boost bonus round games and help non-Holgar builds on bonus rounds. 5.maybe it could have a certain chance to cook up a unique potion that could boost luck. ;-) Let me know what you think guys.