[tower idea] Schoolboy

I got an idea for a potentially good carry tower, that does not have some kind of unlimited scaling: Schoolboy damage, range and attack speed: open for balancing rare metropolis He just failed his math exam because he doesn't know chance is capped at 100%. He gets +1 multicrit for every 100% crit chance after first 100%.

Uhm really? XD There is a 800% critchance tower pic right now. This would mean it would get 7 more multicrit. Addionally to his inherent 8 multicrits... which would add up to 15 multicrit. If you have played all races with all items etc, you could get 11 multicrit on your tower if im not wrong. Which means it would get up to 18 MC. Lets say you had a really good time farming with holgar early on ;) you could get a 20 MC tower xD No the scaling isnt unlimted but well.. honestly thats too much. I would suggest a few changes to balance it out: -Crit potions have 20% more impact on this tower (you will see why) -can not gain Multicrit by any other source then his own passive (Items, Abilitys (Manitou), Heroes) *Edit #1: We all know, that the next race, that will be introduced will be "Light". Maybe we can find some kind of Towername that relats to it? This could be a unique tower for the deck. He would get a bit more out of the potions and probably would have hit 1000% critchance then. This would give him a total of 10 Multicrit. Maybe we can make hero MC bonus work or Manitou, but if he gains MC from items too, its too much. (5 or so from the Dark forge item, 1 Excalibur or was it 2?) If it still seems to weak, we could instead of buffing the potion like this go like 0,3% per level. which would end up 29,7% more stats from CRIT POTIONS. This is of course only my opinion on the tower, lets see if some1 else will respond too

NO i think he meant it takes 1 MC when over 100% chance just once not per 100% chance

Ontrose understood my idea right - its 1 multicrit per 100% chance. And while your math seems right, Ontrose, its actually somewhat on the weak side imo. It just doubles his multicrit and with that total damage output. Shodow gets the same kind of buff with just 100% adapt! And ripper can sure get more than schoolboy, too.

The point on shadow is, it SUCKS on challange waves and on the bonus rounds. The point on the ripper is, you more or less have to run it as early as possible. This one, you can build whenever you want and it will wreck havoc! You say a tower with 20+ MC is the same a high crit damage from ripper or shadowstacks? I dont think so. Yeah on normal waves shadow is far superior, but thats it. Lets face it: When do you lose on bonsu rounds? When you cant kill the challange/boss guys fast enough, so others might walk/fly past. The only way to balance this guy, would be to give him a tiny tiny base damage to balance that incredible MC, which would make him weaker then many other towers, since low base dmg towers tend to drop over the game. Honestly i dont know, why all the times one hard carry tower after another is optioned here, while the support gets nothin ;) In the end, shadow isnt even balanced. Shadow still needs a nerf, or honest opinion here: A stack-cap, i think that is the only way to get him on the level of other towers, which would make him nearly never played. The only thing this tower might change ;) is that this one will be the secondary carry. I guess i'm one of the handful poeple out here, who refuses to use shadow as the carry, since he is too op. And the only tower which might be close to shadow right now, might be the ripper if played early and well...

Shadow NEVER sucks - even killing most challenges is possible (yes i know it needs a very hard nerf), and you can probably sleep the first 20k seconds of endless round (hint: there are no challenges in the endless round) with a well placed shadow :). Yes, for this guy it does not matter when you build him - so you suggest every potential carry tower should have infinite scaling? Right now we already have shadow, ripper, balu and muli, not to mention mr iron, all of which would probably be stronger than schoolboy. As for support towers and light attribute I'm sure i can think of something too.

...Have you updated? Shadow is far from the god they used to be now. He's certainly not the best carry anymore, I don't even consider him the best Darkness carry any more. He's pretty balanced now. And yes, those towers get infinite scaling on everything EXCEPT Multicrit. Trust me, Multicrit is a big deal. The only way to dominate late-game is by pumping up as many mutli-crit items on to the tower that you can. Having a tower do it naturally would be pretty unfair.

Yes, i have updated. Let me just tell you that in a recent game my shadow got more than 100k adapt just during endless round (i reached 40k seconds) and the nerf shadow got actually does not affect scaling during the endless round... The reason why multicrit is that good right now is only because its harder to get - you don't get it from potions. btw the same holds true for adapt - that makes shadow so much better than any other tower. I think this tower could be well balanced, it just shouldn't have very strong base stats, maybe something similar to what solara has right now.

It doesn't matter if Shadow gets 1 Adapt or 1000000000 Adapts during the bonus round, it provides absolutely no benefit to him. The bonus round has the same armor type as the Challenge or Horseman rounds. The reason multicrit is awesome is because it provides a straight multiplier to critical damage. Going from 300% Critical Damage to 600% is hard. But going from +1 Multicrit to +2 is easy, and accomplishes the same thing. Also, just for references, Tears of the Gods does boost Multicrit as a potion, although it is a one-off. And again, Shadow has its use, but he is certainly not the god he used to be. He has average stats, and loses all usefulness during Challenge/Horseman/Bonus rounds. Even with absolutely horrid base stats, with enough potions boosting critical and speed, it would be utterly unstoppable. There would be absolutely no way to put an upper ceiling on its damage.

"It doesn’t matter if Shadow gets 1 Adapt or 1000000000 Adapts during the bonus round, it provides absolutely no benefit to him. The bonus round has the same armor type as the Challenge or Horseman rounds." No in bonus round there is no nuetral tyoe amor, shadows adapt always work in bounus time

I wish I had the quote from Andy, but Bonus round is Zod armor. I wish we were having the discussion on the last version, and you could observe it using Shadow himself. Bonus round is not Ber/Fal/Vex.

Romeo is right, andy made it so that shadow would be many times weaker in the bonus round, his adapt doesnt work in bonus.

No it is still ber/fal/vex armor in the bonus rounds. And you can still get adapts too...

Look through the past patch notes I swear to you that what we are saying is in there.

Could not find anything on the 1.1 release notes or post about shadow nerf suggesting that the bonus round armor is zod. You should give shadow a try and you will see that it is ber/fal/vex.

This was before 1.1, infact just try to ask andy about it, thats easier than digging through the old patches.