[Tower Idea] - Wild Card

It will copy the highest level tower on field but for permanent stats, Stuck on lvl 1 and it will not acquire experience in any way. All item slot would fill up the image of the copied tower (A reminder w/c tower was copied and no items could equip). Equipped items effects and St. Paddy's day activation are not included for copying. Example: Highest tower on field was Hitman for lvl 17, Mimicry would copy Hitman's stats (base damage=200, bonus damage:30%, speed bonus 109%, etc..) permanently. No experience shall be received. A question mark as an icon/avatar for it :P

interesting tower, so would it just constantly change to the highest tower?

I like Syotos' question as it makes the tower super interesting. If the tower simply copies the highest level tower on the field, you could have two Elephants running at once, which would actually be quite useless seeing as the tower can't acquire experience. However, once your main overtakes the Elephant in experience, it would be interesting to have two mains on the field.

There could be this restriction that it can't copy a tower that has base dmg lower than 3. This would rule out Manitou, Ganesha and rest of the 1dmg supports, without ruling out Mr. Iron.

It will only copy the tower the time it was built; If Hitman was the highest lvl, It would copy Hitman; Ganesha will only be copied if it is on the field as the highest lvl tower :) It will not copy towers after it was built; Tower is not a live updating copier XD

I like the idea so far. I think I nice name for the tower could be: "Mirror"; and its ability: "Mirroring".

In short, it is unable to copy purple towers Imagine having the satellite as the highest lvl for 2B dmg so I would have a fixed 2B tower and the satellite keeps growing o_O It was supposedly named "Mimicry" :P A new desc would be: Copies the highest lvl tower stats including bonuses on the field only once. Unique towers not included And I'm chatting with people of top rank 100 mazebert gamers... Cool! and I'm a thousand miles away XD

Sounds quite interesting. And Nix, you'll get "up here" sooner than you might think. Or later.

so then would this be a White/blue/yellow Gem tower? I like the idea, but only a Once copy on place would run the tower a little less useful come 25+ waves later where the tower it did copy grew stronger. or its stealing exp from other towers when you wouldn't be able to put in new items ?

It would add some challenge in placing when and where. Like level 99 Holgar or level 99 Hitman copied and for the carries you just feed more pots and items. Next to Mr. Iron it could be epic... Feeding aura speed, dmg and cc... More we think this, I think it will be awesome.

@syotos that would be the card's disadvantage for balancing. I recommend it as yellow gem. After all, no one would use it on waves < 50 wasting it. If it is considered as a purple gem, exp limit is not included :D