[Tower Ideas]

I wanted to start this thread to start brainstorming a few new ideas for the towers. Personally, I enjoy the thought of having multiple late game towers that can work together to deal the needed damage to clear a wave. So, here are some rough ideas that fit that concept. Master of Arms- unique tower. Base damage 1-1 Attack Speed 2.5s Range- 4 Skill To arms!- This tower can share the effect of all non set items in its inventory to other towers within one range. Explanation; it would be far too good if this tower could propagate the withered set bonus to 4-5 towers. But this tower can propagate the multicrit from things such as Blade of Darkness and Excalibur. I believe that this could create a scenario where you could have 2 viable late game towers. Potion Pot - unique tower Base Damage - 1-1 Attack Speed - 2.0s Range- 3 Skill Sharing the Drink; This tower gives 25% of the effect of potions consumed to all towers within a one range of it. Explanation; This tower would be far too good if it just gave potion effects flat out, with rings you could effectively double the amount of potions on a single tower, thus defeating the multiple carry idea. But, this would allow you to create multiple semi-carries. Feedback is welcome as I would like to see more ideas and see this game continue to grow.

Honestly? I hate the Ideas. I really do. Some simple facts as i see them: Item sharing tower: You would have loads of towers with: Excalibur, Seelenreisser, Demon Blade and that of the Dark Forge. Or even half a dozen Shadows with a MR instead of one of the above mentioned towers. On the other hand, if you take the unique items out of his abilitys... Well face it: on a 500 waves match 4 viking helmets are worht nearly nothin if you have to boost towers to 5000%dmg by then. Better feed yellow items etc directly to Mr Iron. Since the tower cant share setitems, you cant improve MC besides the unique items... which are way too OP. (Oh forgot, they are "Legendarys" the Seelenreisser. What about Legendary Items?) What happens, just think about it, if there is a 500 Waves game, having a single "Potion Pot" tower surrounded by a single Carry and lets say 4-5 Supportive towers (example: Jillys with Withered Set). The Carry and potion pot are married. The carry will get 1.25% of potion effect. While the Jillys will get rather strong and extremely fast themselves. In my opinion both towers are WAY WAY WAY too strong and might even be "game" or at least "balance" breaking. Yes they might open up a few builds... but in the end it's breaking about every balance done in the game so far.

I was thinking of applying this mostly to blood moor. In that case with, optimal placement, using a potion pot and master of arms would yield 4 semi-carries. And I did forget about the legendary items. Maybe blood demon's blade would be okay. But Seelenreisser would be way too strong on it. Even now though, with careful potion usage and the Holgar mead transmutes, you could very easily achieve 4-5 jillies with maxed attack speed. Plus, in my experience at least, its been the bosses that leak in bonus, not regular creeps. You could still only have 1 amping tower. This is great to help refine ideas and hopefully they can be refined so that they wouldn't break the game horribly.

A single Amp tower is enough (if you mean the withered set with 3 items). Still you can have loads of "stunner". Build 4 Beaver around it and give that Item Guy 2 Lucky Pants and perma stun lock. Add 2 parts of withered set you are unleakable if your carry doesnt fail too much. Just give MR to the carry and instant easy stunlock. If on the other hand, that item tower would just give the FIXED stats to the towers around it (Example: Meatmallet would give +200% dmg and -25% crit[or -15? not sure] while lets say the Mushroom only gives 20% AS and -20%dmg [and not 50%speed+ if the tower is high enough]). That might balance it a bit. Strong in early and mid game. LAte only really useful for 200 Waves matches. And i think luck shouldnt be given to other towers anyway. We already got 2 Potions which increase luck and loads of items. Dont boost Shadows even more by sparing a slot [if you dont got luck potion]. Legendary Item/Unique Items and Pots should not work at all. Dont let 5 Jillys get the luck potion at once. Even with such changes, i cant see how these towers will not break the game. Anyway last say is with andy. If he think its worth a try, let him try =)

I do agree that unique potion should not work. That would once again, make this a little too good. I did some math withe the following assumptions in place; MoA and PP would have negligible contribution to DPS when compared to the carries, both would hit a maximum of 4 towers(this being the optimal placement on Blood Moor), and legendary potions/items would not work and legendary items would also not work. This yielded that(assuming you marry the PP and 1 carry) a 2x increase in potion effectiveness, in other words, exactly what it is right now when you marry 2 towers. This just more evenly spreads their effect. At beast, you would get 4 towers to a .1 attack time, which while good, is not 0.0. With the concern over stun locking, I can say from great experience that that is not a problem as there comes a point where damage is far more important than stuns on a single target. I did have another thought though, to make the MoA a bit more balanced. What if he applied a negative multicrit aura to the towers around him, so that the towers couldn't achieve something like 13 multicrit with the use of frozen hearts. I was thinking either a -3 or -2 aura. Also, thank you to Ontrose for helping me refine this idea.

Explanation; it would be far too good if this tower could propagate the withered set bonus to 4-5 towers. But this tower can propagate the multicrit from things such as Blade of Darkness and Excalibur. I believe that this could create a scenario where you could have 2 viable late game towers. I understood that as "setitems dont work" so basically same rules as to the iron man ^^ So stacking 4 multicrit items on it ;) is not possible. Maybe you just meant the setbonus itself? (slow from frozen set etc?) Since there is as far as i know not a single non-set and non-unique multicrit item out there. But i would use the exact item rules as on Iron Man. Lets say you build 4 Shadows around it and give that MoA the MR and let his splash get to every tower around it AND stack it with Hades, Blade of Darkness (later on) and Excalibur (later on) and potions via Potion Pot. You would have 4 stack farming shadows and maybe way further back a full buffed Blofield (marriage). While the shadows themselves are equipped with Lucky pants + 3 Magic Mushrooms (giving -60% dmg and feeding speed pots only to farm stacks). If such a thing (Cos of Messerschmidts Reaver) would be possible XD. Tahts why i would use the Iron Man rules for items to your Moa. (At least one of the reasons. guess this is the biggest reason i got XD) *most important reason not biggest XD

Oh another question: Why did you name yourself (free translation) idiot/stupid/retard? XD Might be that i misinterpret it, cos i only know the word by the sound and its written differently but still XD

Its a joke between me and my friends. But I do agree the bonus from Reaver would be far too good. I think applying the same rules as Mr. Iron would be fair. The main reason I think that this could remain balanced when it shares the multicrit (MoA) would be that the other three towers (at least mathematically) would not even add up to a single full buff tower. Plus, both of these towers only have an effect range one 1 tile. So its a very small group that gets buffed. Basically it would allow you to have a main tower (the one you marry to your Potion Pot) be an AoE machine and allow the other 3 to focus more on single targets with bosses. This would be something I'd love to do a test build on and see if it's even viable. Also one thing. I noted your highest bonus time is about 2.5k seconds. Once you start getting into the 10k range, bosses become the biggest problem for your carry tower and this is the main problem I am trying to address without making it so that you can just have 4 AoE monsters that create a dead zone between them. Still, thank you for the feedback and helping me to nope things that would make this horribly broken.

First about my bonus time: I dont really care how my bonustime is right now, just due to the fact that the current version is rigged. -Bug to multiply items -Bug for endless goblin spawn -Acolyte beeing the only yellow card Lets be honest: Which highscore was made without Acolyte stacking or a real bug abuse? Cant take competetion serious if there is only one way to reach the highscore ;) And i still think whatever changes will be made on these towers they might break the game anyway ^^ but we will have to see :> *edit. And the infinite stacking abilitys/items (Shadow, Seelenrei├čer) need a cap. Be it a softcap or hardcap. Or at least just FIX all tower stats on the spawn of the first bonusround or your doomed to shadow for highscore. (except you got seelenreisser, then you can let most of the towers carry rather properly i guess) But the point for Mazebert TD is the versitality (is that the right word? XD) of the choices you get and the current system limits the choice to about 3-4 buildups at most if you want to participate for high scores. Try to get a high score without shadow or any Forge Items. Try to carry from start to end with Solara or that Toad and see how far you get ^^

I have, and its not far. The time I have on the ladder atm the moment was an all darkness run. I would love for see new options added as well, hence the proposal of these towers. And ya, I agree entirely that the current ladder is a joke.

Well all Darkness run (im too lazy to look it up) on a 500 waves match would mean 100+ Acolytes = 300+ Goblins a rough guess would be 500+ Yellow potions EXTRA jsut cos acolytes ^^ That amount will be halves with another yellow tower (Ripper isnt it?) and that might balance it a bit more.

There was actually a thread discussing this where we came to the exact same conclusion :D. But ya, it was pretty stupid...

I just like to discuss ;D and to state my opinion :-P Maybe somethin will change if i say it often enough...