Tower Ideas: Master Sniper and Storm

Hey, thanks for the great game. Thanks to you all day I'm doing nothing :D For the first one, how about adding another AoE tower a bit different than Dandelion? This one can depend on pure strength of the bullets he rapidly shoots. But due to the power of his sniper rifle the bullets shoot through one other. Like the first one to be shot gets 100%, the next 90, 80, 70, 60 and goes like that. Also once in a while he can shoot head shots. As for the second one, a tower that can produce thunders and storm, that can attack multiple creeps at once or discharge all it's fury to one single target...It can attack the whole map. Critic hits are of essence. Also as a second specialty the thunder bolts it shoot can stay within the body of the creep for a while, causing less attack for a while but it does affect for some seconds also it stacks. Both can be new unique towers which can be obtained at high levels, or they can be upgrades to existing towers once they hit level 99. Also as a bonus, you can add a card item to one of the horseman like The master chef. If a tower has the master chef card, every round the chef try to cook for the whole towers. Depending on the level of the tower; and also maybe luck or item quality, the chef cooks food. If the chef cooks something delicious, either all the towers or the towers within an area gets buffs like speed, luck, experience etc. In case he cooks something of real bad quality the towers get a negative buff. So? (:

OMG I love the chef, that's a brilliant idea! It also goes as support tower, pretty cool because right now we truly have a lack of those supports.

Definitely love the chef too though are the buffs permanent or just for tge round? Either way good ideas all around :)

So that means the rest is a huge "Eh?" :P Yep. Support towers are of necessity, that's a fact. The chef can either be a tower or a card. But in any case it should be a reward. Maybe not a drop but a reward once you reach a certain round. Do I get to name it? :D

Sure thing! You can name the tower and your name will appear on the card and in the credits, when this will be implemented. The other ideas are good, too, but the chef was just something extraordinary :-)

Good to hear @Kad and @Andy, The game is good. I'ld like to help improve it. Maybe if we have enough good towers and cards there might be other maps as well. To make it better and have more fun playing it... ^^ Anyway, I can name it when you wanna create it. BTW, we need more item sets and special towers like Gib. :D

Haha I know exactly how you feel!! I went from a random player to falling in love with this game. Of course we keep pushing andy for more more more content but at the same time he's also improving the quality with each release. Optimizing and bug fixing. So its always a matter of trying to find that balance. Alas Andy is a super dedicated developer :)

Indeed, it is somewhat addictive. Hate you Andy. :P The better it is the more fun we can have though. I'm looking forward to the specter of time item. (PS: Why don't you have a rare potion to make the time go slow for creeps for some while. Might come handy for some :P) He has lots to do indeed. Meanwhile we're bitching about this and that and asking for more... Keep the good work ^^ @Kad, I'm coming fast. I'll get your place in the ladder. Beware!

Heh my place in the ladder? Strangely ive achieved it not by trying or because I wanted it but by repeatedly testing new elements, new strategies and new ideas whilst scouring for bugs and balance tweaks. Indeed if anyone wants to fight for number 1 then I encourage them to go for it :) maybe ill take a break from helping andy and defend my position (maybe just maybe) so I can actually enjoy the game a bit instead of treating it like a job.

The chef is excellent. Reminds me on Kirby somehow. :D

How about calling the chef "The Blind Chef" ? More accurate I think. (: