Uncommon light card-angel of mischief

Flavor text: Is that what you got Name: Angel of mischief Attack: vex Range: 4 Cooldown: 5 Element: Light Gender: Female Ability: copy cat- Will copy nearby abilities within range per wave(only copies abilities until rare) Sub ability: pre-madonna rage- while copying an ability she will receive a 50%(.50% per level) attack speed. Attack speed will revert back once she attacks 20 times

Thanks for sharing! Phew, that's an intriguing idea. Few questions: Will it copy a random ability from the nearby towers? What bonus will the pre-madonna-rage grant?

I forgot to add the bonus for pre-madonna rage that's for attack speed For the ability i suggest to keep it until rare since unique abilities are too broken for angel of mischief specially if she gets unique skills like genesha,black widow, mr.iron etc.