Uncommon light tower: templar

Flavor text: give me guidance almighty god Name: Templar Attack: fal Range: 3 Cooldown:3 Element: Light Gender: Male Ability: god's gift- increase the crit rate to 100% every third hit. Sub ability: third times a charm- every third hit there is a 1%(0.1%) to instantly killing the enemy

Nice, can totally see this as a starting tower. Maybe we could add a synergy to Guard, so that he also contributes to the guard bonus?

Good idea, I was thinking about a card like "Officer" or something which boosts the Guards. I will post it soon. But the more synergies the better in my opinion. Maybe the surrounding guards could add a attackspeed bonus to the templar?

Does the first ability also decrease it to 100% crit? The sub ability needs an unable to affect bosses.

@frozenedge I guess it would be something like this: every third hit has +100% crit chance. And yeah, good catch, there's no insta kill for bosses.

Hi, will it be possible to include a small number that shows how many item that each tower having, like 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on? I always forgotten which tower having the item everytime I resume to play.. thank you

@anderson_eee a bit off topic, but this has been added in version 1.8.12!