Uncommon Light Tower: The Tinker

Name: Tinker Attack: ? Damage: 45-50 Range: 2 Cooldown: 3s Element: Light Gender: male Luck: 15% Itemchance: 85% Ability: Lucky Potion A potion the tinker drinks will be equally shared between all towers in 1 Range. I dont know if this is to much item chance in one deck in combination with the adventurer, but i liked the idea of a new support tower in the same league as the Pub and the Herb wich.

Uhh that's a really sweet idea. Sadly, the sharing of potions is currently not possible to do technically. It's either all or nothing at the moment. But an aura tower like Pub / Herb Witch would be amazing to have for the light deck. Since there's already Adventurer with item chance, what do you think about a slight luck aura?

What about an aura that scales with potions consumed? e.g. Damage/speed/crit damage bonus of (min + 1% per potion consumed) It could either be one of those values, or all of them, or - fitting for a "tinker" type card: randomized when it is built. I left the value as "min" because maybe the tinker messes things up to start with (-5% penalty before drinking potions).

@Andy To bad it doesnt work, but i like a luck support tower. It could be usefull in every stage of a game. But what is a slight Luck aura? I like +40 at lvl 99, but this could be to much... @Fuzzy It would be neat if the scaling of the aura is so good, that the player really has to think about feeding potions to the tinker or transmutig them. But this requires a lot of testing i think...