Unicorn [common light tower]

Name: Unicorn Attack: 4-12 Range: 1 Cooldown: 1.5s Element: Light Gender: ??? Ability: Frontal hit The Unicorn impales his enemys with his crystal horn and penetrates 10% armour +0.1% per lvl Collection of souls The unicorn collects the souls given by the throne of light. With 500 souls colleced it envolves to a Holy unicorn Uncommon or rare tower: The stats are the same as above Name: Holy unicorn Attack: 4-12 Range: 2 Cooldown: 1.5s Element: Light Gender: ??? Ability: Same as unicorn Rainbow beam Every 5 seconds the holy unicorn shoots a rainbow out of... Were unicornrainbows come from.. The attack has a range of 4, deals 30-30 dmg and scales with the level. The 5 seconds are not affected by attackspeed upgrades and the Rainbowbeam penetrates all units (like scarface attack) If you want the unicorn could envolve to a third stage and get other boost ability. This tower could be played a common tower but in the right setup it envolves to a carry What do you guys think?

Sounds pretty wild and neat. If there are more stages, the 500 could be lowered to 100-300 or something. Meh, everything can be tweaked.

Nice idea! There will be a Unicorn in DoL, but it's gonna be unique tier. Since, you know, there gonna be just one :-) Maybe this idea could become a Unicorn Wannabe, for a simple common light tower?

I kind of like the idea with evolving and becoming a unique tower over time. But if you already have a unicorn with stats and all planed this could become to much. But this two attackmodes 1: 1 range base attack and 2: 4 range special attack every 5 seconds could be a good rare card maybe?