Unique Light Tower: Scales of Equality

Name: Scales of Equality (or Justice?) Lore: Equality shall be preserved. Attack: Does not attack Damage: 1-1 Range: 1 Element: Light Gender: None Ability: Equality Slow all creeps by 0.5*(ratio of Light towers)%. This ignore the Equality All other movement speed effects on creeps are 100% less effective. Ability: Justice Light towers deal (ratio of Light towers)% more damage to creeps. The damage bonus is twice as effective against Slow and Steady creeps. This tower is meant to provide a overall damage boost to Light towers. Similar to Stonecutter for Metro and Abyss King for Darkness towers.

Lets call the Card „ Justicia, Goddes of Equality“ Sounds good to me. Should invest more time in Maths and Ratios etc. understand more the Mechanics and Differences