Void Herald (Hero)

Name: Void Herald Variety? I demand equality! Pooled Resources All towers share a common xp and potion pool. Each new tower takes a share of the total. No one is special Unique card drops are consumed by Void Herald to grant a +1% boost to Pooled Resources. - - - - - - - - - - - - I feel like this would be very hard to balance and it's a very anti-Mazebert hero. It would be an interesting playstyle for the game. For balance, I recommend a behind the scenes scaling factor tweaked to give a decent chance of success. I feel like this eliminates a good portion of the strategy. I see Pooled Resources working like this: 1. All towers have hidden levels and potion effects. 2. These levels and potion effects are summed across all towers. 3. Divide the xp and effects by the number of towers in play. 4. Apply a rounding or scaling factor (e.g. No one is special). Multicrit might round up? 5. Distribute the base stats and xp to all towers. 6. Add effects from equipped items. For strategy, there's still tower choice and item allocation. I feel like Ripper would be the best build with this Hero since he has an additional way to scale. Part of the reason to eliminate unique drops is because otherwise optimum play would be to move the unique items between each tower as the creeps went by. Based on this feedback: https://mazebert.com/forum/suggestions/only-the-1st-tower-overpowered--id1555/ Edit Name ideas: Arbiter of Equality Socialist Citizen* Great Leveler (should affect Vir or make bonus round harder) Agent of Entropy (could also affect items in some way) * -- if this isn't considered too political. I'd use the term communist, but I've learned that Eastern Europeans equate "communism" with "Soviet oppression," which is obviously a sore subject the victims.


Andy, I half hate this idea and I'm half intrigued. On one hand, it's anti-Mazebert. On the other hand, it would show the personalities of each tower more. Maybe he could use a renaming: Arbiter of Equality, it something else. I had a good name I promised myself I'd remember, but I forgot. Towers like Candle and Bear Hunter would likely see more use when they're at equal power to everyone else. I don't think this hero would allow a win, even with perfect play. I think the tower count might need to be scaled by ^0.8. This would make each additional tower detract less from the pool. Building more towers should feel stronger and without scaling down the tower number, the build wouldn't get noticeably stronger with an additional tower. Hmm... It might even get weaker with additional towers, even with the scaled tower count. A tower's strength is roughly level * damage * speed * crit chance * crit damage. Lowering those by a small amount, will make overall damage plummet due to the 5th power scaling. Basically, you better have items for your new tower, or it's a waste. Maybe tower count needs to be scaled by squareroot or stronger.