wallets and credit cards

I just thought of these two new items: wallets and credit cards. A wallet is like a purse but for male towers but the same effect as the purse. And the credit card is 75% and can go to any gender tower but the credit card will be the yellow card and the wallet can be blue (sorry dont know the names of the colors)

I do want to see some Male-focused items, I like that. Also, just for future reference: Grey - Common Blue - Uncommon Yellow - Rare Purple - Legendary Orange - Epic Green - Set

I was just sayin bcuz there is a female based item so why not have a male and one for everybody kind of like with the darkness their needs to be light to even it out. This is also a way to help my ocd cuz i like things to be even 😉

And thank you for informing me on what the names of the cards are i might just screen shot it lol

Hello, you made a slight failure with the colors ^^ White - Common Blue - Uncommon yellow - Rare Purple - Unique Orange - Legendary Green - Set

Anybody else have any opinions?

I think your two items should be somewhat weaker than purse. Purse seems designed to encourage use of female towers - there are not many, and they are not exactly the best ones. Otherwise i like the idea of having a rare item-find item.

Or just lower the effect of the wallet and keep the effect of the credit card the same

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Oh and if u will look for it the hash tag is #Mazebertisawesome just bcuz i had to put that bcuz its sooooooo true

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