Warlock Need help! just an idea

Mal the Warlock Yellow card ???? Damage: 20-30 range: 3 attck speed: 3 sex: Male Abilities: Dark Orb - for single big damage, Dark Mist - For mass slow Dark lightning - chain damage with armor penetration? Here's an idea - All abilities start at Level one. since all cards level to Level 99, why not their abilities? Im not good in damage computation. so here is the theory, all abilities are available upon attaining certain level (e.g. Level 24) you can only choose one abilities to Level. Like for example: at lvl 99 Dark Orb - lvl 5 one orb per level. damage ??? like scarecrow? (from lvl 1, 36, 48, 60, 72) - orbs float around the card with one orb per level ^_^ Dark Mist - Lvl 3 with 30% slow (From lvl 1, 12, 24) Dark Lightning - lvl 3 3 chain lightning 15% armor penetration (lvl 1, 84, 96) hhhhmmm... i want also to add a ability of making herb with and warlock not good with each other. like if place near will negate herb with attack speed ability and will make all lvl of warlock abilities to lvl 1 only. ^_^ and special item for warlock. if warlock will equip wooden staff and dark witch;s culdron will give warlock one level for his abilities. his abilities are all active so he can choose when to use any of his abilities. I'll try to draw a warlock but im not a good draw. i suck so just bear with me. ^_^ Hope for your nice inputs and ideas. Thank you,

interesting concept, kind of like 'upgrading' or 'evolving' a tower into another (which is not yet implemented and requires much more work from my understanding before being implemented).