Wireless Tower

Card: Wireless Tower Rarity: Unique or Above Cost: 5000+ Element: Metropolis Attack: 0 Speed: 0 Base: 0 Range: 3 Gender: None Type: All So this card works like Yggdrasil. But instead of branches this comes with 1 or 2 wireless receiver items. Like Yggdrasil you can equip this tower with the items and the effects of the items will be present on towers that have equipped wireless receiver. This is like Yggdrasil but for Items. Possible balancing options that can be introduced to it (one or more): 1. Every round you pay gold based on some stat of towers that are using wireless service. 2. Attack speed boost for connected towers but a chance for connection to drop for 1 or 2 seconds and during this time tower will lose the item bonus. 3. Potions on connected towers will be 15% less effective (Liquids not good for electric equipment). Card: Wireless receiver Rarity: Unique Description: Enjoy the lightning-fast speed of Metro-Net. Towers with this card will feel the effect of items equipped on Wireless Tower. Potions -15% effective.